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Competitiveness for Jobs and Economic Transformation

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C-JET Priority Areas


•Investment competitiveness analysis and strategies 

•Legal and regulatory reforms and policy design 

•Strengthening the enabling environment

•Removing market businessentry barriers

•Improving investor confidence

•GVC participation and upgrading through FDI


•Market structure analysis & strategies

•Competition policy analysis

•Tech & agile regulations

•Tech business models, analysis, policies, strategies

•Sector legal/regulatory reform & policy design

•Industry support programs



•Innovation policy reviews

•Innovation agencies capacity building

•Tech ecosystem measurement & diagnostics

•National productivity & innovation strategies

•Open innovation initiatives, platforms & programs


•SME policy reviews

•SME agencies capacity building

•Entrepreneurship ecosystem & productivity measurement diagnostics

•SME support programs

•Entrepreneurship development, including women entrepreneurship


•Strengthen the competitiveness & productivity of female workers and women-led firms

•Integrate relevant gender gaps in country analysis through private sector diagnostics

•Connect women businesses with markets and supply chains through project design

•Regulatory reforms and investment policies to unlock new economic opportunities for women


•Integrating green measures into industry policies

•Strengthening disaster resilience of firms, value chains and Eco-Industrial Parks

•Supporting clients with policies and regulations in transitioning from linear to circular manufacturing.


•Understand the effects of new digital business models and disruptive technologies on key industries, including their impact on market competitiveness, structure and dynamics

•Support client countries on policy solutions to address market failures in terms of access to markets and related policy and regulatory implications for digital business

•Leverage e-government and RegTech solutions for increased transparency and efficiency 

  • The World Bank