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About the Competitive Industries and Innovation Program


About the CIIP:

The Competitive Industries and Innovation Program (the CIIP) was active from 2014 through March 2022. A multi-donor partnership supported by the World Bank, the European Union (EU), the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS), and the Governments of Austria, Switzerland and Norway, the CIIP provided support to high potential country initiatives, and worked to expand the global knowledge frontier on “how to” effectively design and implement competitiveness strategies. 

Final Completion Report
This final report summarizes the implementation progress and results achieved of grants that were active during the final reporting period.
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CIIP's Global Impact:

During the life of the program (FY 2013-2022) CIIP-supported country operations leveraged more than $5.4 billion in public financing and $1.2 billion in private investment and helped countries adopt 17 laws and regulations, create 61 cross-institutional coordination mechanisms (such as PPDs), and implement more than 96 strategies or priority reforms. These targeted interventions contributed to the creation of 30,482 new jobs and 499 new firms, the support of 3,835 SMEs, the facilitation of $103 million in new revenues from the sale of goods and services, $78 million in additional export value, and $170 million in disbursed finance. CIIP funded a total of 74 country and knowledge grants, and its global reach totaled 61 countries. For every dollar of CIIP financing, the grant activities leveraged $150 in public financing and $28 in private investment.

Results Stories:

Selected Knowledge Products: