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  • The Digital Economy for Africa Initiative

    The Digital Economy Initiative for Africa (DE4A) aims to ensure that every individual, business, and government in Africa will be digitally enabled by 2030 in support of the African Union “Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.”

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DE4A Operations

The list represents active operations approved since July 1, 2020. Each operation is tagged by their contribution to respective DE4A key pillars or use cases. (last update: 3/25/2021)

FYQtrProject IDProject NameCountryApproval DateInfrastructurePublic Sector PlatformFinancial ServicesBusinessesSkills
FY21Q1P167543Niger: Smart Villages for rural growth and digital inclusionNiger7/8/2020X X  
FY21Q1P166570Uganda Secondary Education Expansion ProjectUganda7/23/2020    X
FY21Q1P167054Improvement of Skills Development in MozambiqueMozambique9/8/2020   XX
FY21Q1P169921Edo Basic Education Sector and Skills Transformation OperationNigeria8/25/2020    X
FY21Q1P170452Burkina Faso - Education Access and Quality Improvement Project Additional FinancingBurkina Faso8/25/2020    x
FY21Q1P170561Secondary Education and Skills Development ProjectCameroon7/16/2020    X
FY21Q1P170664Adolescent Girls Initiative for Learning and EmpowermentNigeria7/28/2020    X
FY21Q1P173282Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project Additional FinancingGhana7/8/2020    x
FY21Q1P174035GAMBIA - Emergency Education COVID-19 ResponseGambia, The7/10/2020x   x
FY21Q1P174166Togo COVID-19 Education Response ProjectTogo8/18/2020    x
FY21Q1P174186Benin  COVID-19 Education Response GPE ProjectBenin9/9/2020    x
FY21Q1P164212Sierra Leone Economic Diversification ProjectSierra Leone7/28/2020   X 
FY21Q1P166193Comoros Financial Inclusion ProjectComoros7/9/2020  X  
FY21Q1P168577Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Scaling ProjectMalawi8/25/2020  X  
FY21Q1P169413Digital Governance and Identification Management System Project- PRODIGYMadagascar9/29/2020 X   
FY21Q1P169943Urban Productive Safety Net and Jobs ProjectEthiopia9/30/2020 X   
FY21Q1P172255Additional Financing to Refugees and Host Communities Support ProjectChad9/8/2020 x   
FY21Q2P173521Sudan Family Support ProjectSudan10/8/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P170419Morocco Green Generation Program-for-ResultsMorocco12/15/2020 X  X
FY21Q1P172654AF - Liberia: Public Financial Management Reforms for Institutional StrengtheningLiberia8/11/2020 X   
FY21Q1P164271Governance of Extractives for Local Development & COVID-19 response ProjectNiger8/3/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P171099Digital Cabo Verde ProjectCabo Verde11/12/2020XX  X
FY21Q2P172479Strengthen Ethiopia’s Adaptive Safety NetEthiopia11/25/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P174114NIGERIA: COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus ProgramNigeria12/14/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P174547AF for COVID-19 Response under the Service Delivery and Support to Communities Affected by Displacement ProjectCentral African Republic12/4/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P174813Third Additional Financing for the Sierra Leone Social Safety Net ProjectSierra Leone12/17/2020 X   
FY21Q2P172809Morocco COVID-19 Social Protection Emergency Response ProjectMorocco12/3/2020 XX  
FY21Q2P174114NIGERIA: COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus ProgramNigeria12/14/2020  XX 
FY21Q2P172479Strengthen Ethiopia’s Adaptive Safety NetEthiopia11/25/2020  X  
FY21Q2P169222Girls Empowerment and Quality Education for All ProjectSao Tome and Principe12/11/2020    X
FY21Q2P169742Ghana Development Finance ProjectGhana10/29/2020  X  
FY21Q2P170425Benin Youth Inclusion ProjectBenin12/14/2020  X X
FY21Q2P163143MAURITANIA - Basic Education Sector Support Project - Phase 2Mauritania10/29/2020  X X


Project IDProject NameCountryApproval Date
(as of board presentation)
P171080Cabo Verde Second State-Owned Enterprises Reform and Fiscal Management Development Policy FinancingCabo Verde8/7/2020
P168474Second Consolidation and Social Inclusion Development ProgramCentral African Republic9/1/2020
P174447Eswatini - Economic Recovery Development Policy Financing IEswatini11/19/2020
P174315Burkina Faso COVID-19 Crisis-Response Development Policy FinancingBurkina Faso12/15/2020
P172749Benin Second Fiscal Management and Structural Transformation DPFBenin12/16/2020