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Resilient Green Cities



  • Policy reform and planning: Long(er) term climate smart urban and mobility transitions in place
  • Knowledge and data: Robust knowledge and data used to inform the design of climate-smart investments
  • Skills, talent and workforce: Next generation set of skills, talent and workforce available to absorb youth into climate smart jobs supported by mobility-enabling infrastructure and services.
  • Catalyzing financing and partnerships: Climate action, investments and knowledge sharing between cities, local and national government and the private sector.


  • Cities Integrated planning: multisectoral climate-smart urban and transport plans prepared with up-to-date data for at least five African cities
  • 30 cities with integrated, city-based resilience approach
  • Target of US$2 billion in investment financing for urban resilience-building activities
  • Green mobility Support 5 new BRTs in fast-growing African cities (making at least 50% of jobs accessible within an hour of commute )
  • Secure maintenance to make 100,000 km of climate-resilient African roads