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Next Generation Africa Climate Business Plan​

Mapping Our Impact

The map showcases the tools, approaches, evidence, and results of more than 300 projects in pursuit of climate-smart development under the first Africa Climate Business Plan.

Best practices and lessons learned from these projects will inform our approaches as we move to the next wave of action under the Next Generation of the Africa Climate Business Plan.


Key areas covered in each story include:

  • Scope | Whether the project focuses on adaptation or resilience to address the impacts of climate change, for example, rising sea levels, and/or mitigation to address the causes of climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions
  • Tools/Instruments/Approaches | Innovative financing tools and instruments, such as risk insurance, as well as new approaches to tackling climate challenges, like solar mapping
  • Financing Amount | The total of World Bank investment and contributions from trust funds or bilateral funding.
  • Project Duration | From when a project begins until it achieves its objective and is closed.
  • Strategic Directions

Food Security and a Resilient Rural Economy: An end-to-end focus on climate resilience in the agriculture value chain.

Ecosystem Stability and Water Security: Secure both the productive and protective aspects of ecosystems and water.

Low Carbon and Resilient Energy: Provide universal access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to support economic diversification and community health.

Resilient Cities and Green Mobility: Build resilient and clean cities to drive an urban transformation for green growth, green mobility, and green jobs.

Climate Shocks and Risk Governance: Protect the vulnerable against climate shocks by preparing for disasters and mobilizing rapid and effective responses.