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VideoJuly 6, 2023

Future of Pacific Tourism

The Pacific has long leveraged its tourism industry to drive growth and prosperity. With the regeneration of the industry post-pandemic, many governments are giving pause to consider how best to reshape the industry to better suit the demands of local populations eager to take part in its growth. In response to this, the World Bank is launching a regional study to take stock of the industry and chart potential options for the Future of Pacific Tourism.

This study examines tourism’s role for development in the 10 Pacific Island Countries and Papua New Guinea, its future after COVID-19, and the scope to foster a greener, more resilient, competitive, and inclusive sector. It takes a holistic approach to analysis and policy guidance, identifying policy interventions that can help stimulate demand across different high-value tourism markets, while generating benefits for the broader economy, enhancing the sector’s resilience, and improving its sustainability. The study focuses on selected issues for the long-term development of high-value tourism that are relevant at the regional level. It strives to consider the different country contexts in the Pacific and to identify priorities relevant for PICs with different endowments and tourism maturity, as well as potential opportunities for regional cooperation.