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Video January 11, 2022

Are Developing Economies Headed for a ‘Hard Landing’? | World Bank Expert Answers

In this episode of Expert Answers, we are asking if the developing economies are headed for an economic "hard landing." As the world enters a third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Bank Group's Global Economic Prospects forecasts a pronounced slowdown in economic activity. So what's driving this? What else can we expect? And how bad could it be? For answers to this and more, we are joined by the World Bank Prospects Group's Director, Ayhan Kose.


00:00 Introducing Ayhan Kose, Director of the World Bank’s Prospects Group
00:47 Economic growth: Forecasts for the coming years
02:41 Trends: Advanced economies vs. emerging markets & developing economies
03:55 Global inequality and the impact for future generations
05:29 Forecast: The impact of the Omicron variant
06:52 Inflation, interest rates, and economic recovery
08:40 Responding to slowdowns in a context of record levels of debt
10:24 Booms and busts in commodity prices
11:39 Addressing the challenges ahead
14:35 Thanks Ayhan Kose for sharing your expertise!

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