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Video June 8, 2021

How Will the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Play Out? | World Bank Expert Answers

The latest edition of the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects explores the immediate and longer-term outlook for advanced and developing economies in the wake of COVID-19. To understand how the economic recovery might play out for different countries, Expert Answers spoke with Ayhan Kose, Director of the World Bank’s Prospects Group.


00:00 Introducing Ayhan Kose, Director of the World Bank’s Prospects Group
00:49 Headline prediction for economic growth for 2021 and beyond
02:12 The impact of the strong growth in China and the United States
03:54 Impact and implications of safety net measures
04:59 Are we catching back up to where we were if COVID-19 never emerged?
05:49 Implications for people on the ground in emerging market and developing economies
06:43 The threat of inflation: what’s the risk for emerging market and developing economies?
07:52 The concern on rising food prices
08:35 Biggest threats to the strong growth forecasted
09:46 Thanks Ayhan Kose for sharing your expertise!

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