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Video May 12, 2021

What Role Are Remittances Playing in the COVID-19 Response and Recovery? | World Bank Expert Answers

On the latest edition of Expert Answers, World Bank Lead Economist for Migration and Remittances Dilip Ratha shares his latest research on these “lifeline” financial flows – the money that migrants send back to family and friends in their home countries. He tells host Paul Blake about the role that these transfers are playing in the COVID-19 response and recovery, and why they did not decline nearly as much as many feared during the pandemic.


00:00 Introducing Dilip Ratha, World Bank Lead Economist for Migration and Remittances
01:00 The role of remittances in the COVID-19 response around the world
02:11 How COVID-19 has impacted remittance payments?
04:28 What role did government policy play in propping-up remittance flows?
05:30 How could the path of the pandemic affect the trajectory of remittances?
07:02 Shift from informal to formal channels of money transfer
09:36 Thanks Dilip Ratha for sharing your expertise!

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