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StatementJune 14, 2023

World Bank and OLAF Strengthen Cooperation Against Financial Irregularities

The Group Internal Audit Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group (GIA) and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) signed an Administrative Cooperation Arrangement with the scope to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and internal controls in the operations against illegal activities falling within the respective mandates of the two partners. GIA Vice President and Auditor General Anke D’Angelo and OLAF Director-General Ville Itälä signed the arrangement in Brussels on 13 June 2023, confirming the strong cooperation between OLAF and GIA.

The arrangement serves to strengthen and streamline the practical cooperation between GIA and OLAF. It will now become even easier for the two bodies to work together, particularly in areas such as oversight, exchange of information and joint activities related to the detection and prevention of irregularities and other illegal activities affecting the EU’s and the World Bank Group’s financial interests.

The World Bank Group and the European Union have a long-standing partnership centered on providing support to their counterparts and ensuring that EU and multilateral funds are delivered to their intended beneficiaries. In 2022, the EU contributed almost €222 million to the World Bank Group.

In addition to this new arrangement with GIA, OLAF also has an administrative cooperation agreement in place with the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), which remains valid and continues to serve as the framework for cooperation between OLAF and INT.

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