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Group Internal Audit (GIA)

Group Internal Audit (GIA) Vice Presidency

Internal Audit - Assurance, Advice, Insight 

GIA’s vision is to be the agent of positive change to help the World Bank Group achieve its goals.

Our mission is to protect and enhance the value of the World Bank Group by providing independent, objective, and insightful risk-based assurance and advice.

About Us

GIA is an independent, objective assurance and advisory function that provides a view on whether processes for managing and controlling risks to achieve the World Bank Group's goals, and overall governance of these processes, are adequately designed and functioning effectively.

GIA brings a systematic and disciplined approach to assess these risk management, control, and governance processes, advising management in developing control solutions and monitoring the implementation of management’s corrective actions.

GIA works across all the World Bank Group institutions, covering all operational corporate functions as well as IT systems and processes. Our work is carried out in accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) International Professional Practices Framework.

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Annual Report

GIA’s Annual Report summarizes audit results for the fiscal year and the risk management, control, and governance issues at the institutional level arising from GIA’s body of work. The report provides a qualitative assessment of key control themes and trends, and is publicly disclosed.

Quarterly Activity Report

As of FY2020 Q4, these disclosures have been incorproated into GIA's Annual Reports. The Quarterly Activity Report provided a high level overview of GIA's activities for public disclosure.