World Bank in Romania Condemns Acts of Racism Against the Roma

April 9, 2016

BUCHAREST, April 9, 2016 - The World Bank Group expresses its regret for the acts of hatred towards the Roma community in Romania manifested last night through the vandalism of the National Center for Roma Culture’s tent at the University Square in Bucharest. This represents an aggression against the Roma community and an act of discrimination incompatible with Europe’s core values on human rights.

The World Bank fully supports Romania and the Roma organizations in their fight against discrimination. The Bank’s activities in Romania include programs addressing Roma inclusion. Our analytical research is unambiguous in arguing that Roma inclusion is not only a moral duty but also smart economics. The social economic integration of Roma is essential if Romania is to achieve EU convergence and sustain growth.

Many Roma are among the poorest and most vulnerable Romanians facing discrimination and exclusion. Inequalities between Roma and non-Roma start early and perpetuate throughout lifetime. Widespread ethnic discrimination continues to undermine the effective implementation of policies for the inclusion of marginalized Roma.

No one must face discrimination due to their ethnic or racial origin. Following a long history of social exclusion in Romania, it is time to increase our efforts to fight discrimination and promote the full inclusion of Roma and equal opportunities for all.

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