Albania Well Represented on World Bank Board of Executive Directors

October 23, 2013


Ellen Goldstein, Country Director, and Piero Cipollone, Executive Director: media briefing in Tirana









TIRANA, October 22, 2013 – Piero Cipollone, Executive Director of the World Bank Group visited Albania from October 21-22, 2013. In his role as Executive Director, he represents Albania’s interests as a shareholder on the World Bank’s Board.The purpose of the visit was to meet with high level authorities to assure them of future cooperation and support for Albania’s efforts in meeting short and mid - term challenges. He also sought to listen to the Government’s views about the World Bank’s new strategy, at a time when the Bank is undergoing organizational restructuring to better implement its goals and strategy. 

The visit of Mr. Cipollone follows discussions with an Albanian delegation during the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings, where the Board of Governors unanimously endorsed the new World Bank Group Strategy that concentrates on the twin goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the bottom 40 percent of the population in all developing countries.

“This defines a very ambitious agenda for the WBG, aiming to transform it into a more efficient institution that responds to clients’ demands by providing world class services in the field of development. In this way, the World Bank will better support its clients in their struggle against extreme poverty and for greater equity” said Mr. Cipollone in a press conference held at the end of his visit.

During his visit, Mr. Cipollone met with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta, Minister of Finance Shkelqim Cani, head of the opposition and Mayor of Tirana Lulzim Basha, and representatives from the business community, academia, donors, and media. 

In his meeting with Prime Minister Rama, Mr. Cipollone expressed his support for the government’s strong commitment to tackle vital issues for Albania’s macroeconomic stability and sustainable development - such as strengthening public financial management, enhancing government accountability, ensuring financial sector stability, promoting private sector activities and most importantly, identifying new sources of growth, and creating an environment conducive to investment and job creation.  

He also expressed his satisfaction for the dynamic collaboration thus far between the government team and the World Bank in their timely preparation and implementation of programs that support the reforms necessary to achieve these ambitious objectives.

Mr. Cipollone exchanged views on these issues with foreign and local business representatives, people from academia, and members of the opposition. He underscored the need for a broader dialogue and consultations on the best alternatives for the country’s future. During his visit, Mr. Cipollone was accompanied by Ms. Ellen Goldstein, Country Director for the Southeast Europe, Europe and Central Asia Region.

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