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Global Partnership For Social Accountability is announcing its first global call for proposals for Moldova

February 21, 2013

Deadline to submit proposals: Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Indicative Funding Range: US$500,000-US$1,000,000

The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) is a coalition of donors, governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) that aims to improve development results by supporting capacity building for enhanced citizen feedback and participation. The GPSA will contribute to country-level governance reforms and improved service delivery. To achieve this objective, the GPSA provides strategic and sustained support to CSOs’ social accountability initiatives aimed at strengthening transparency and accountability.

The GPSA is pleased to announce its First Global Call for Proposals.

In Moldova, the GPSA seeks proposals on Social Accountability from Civil Society Organizations to:

  • Monitor the quality of public education services, so that the resulting information could be used by the Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions to enhance formal oversight systems. Proposals should attempt to support the ongoing optimization of facility network for improved service delivery and development outcomes.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of CSOs working on Social Accountability

Proposals may focus on one or more of the above mentioned priority areas.

GPSA Funding Modalities Grants can support:

  • Social Accountability Initiatives and Programs.
  • Mentoring and capacity-building of nascent CSO, including on-granting. These proposals must be submitted by CSOs with proven track record on social accountability, that are legal entities in one of the “opted-in” countries and the activities should take place in one of these countries.
  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity of CSOs working on SAcc.
  • Up to 100% of project’s total cost.
  • Up to 50% of total organization budget.
  • Projects with an estimated duration of 3 to 5 years.

What is a Civil Society Organization for the purpose of a GPSA?

  • Non-government organizations,
  • Not-for-profit media organizations,
  • Charitable organizations,
  • Faith-based organizations,
  • Professional organizations,
  • Labor unions,
  • Workers’ organizations,
  • Associations of elected local representatives
  • Foundations,
  • Policy development institutes
  • Research institutes.

Eligibility Criteria for Civil Society Organizations

  • Legal status: the recipient needs to be a legal entity in Moldova and provide proof of such legal status;
  • Representation: key criteria are community ties, accountability to members or beneficiaries, diversity and gender sensitivity;
  • Governance: sound internal management policies and practices, comprising organizational dimensions, such as clear management roles and responsibilities, clear methods of planning and organizing activities, human capital, financial and technical resources, and partnerships;
  • Transparency: including disclosure of sources of funding, financial accountability and governance transparency;
  • Fiduciary capacity: ability to meet applicable World Bank policies for grants;
  • Institutional capacity: appropriate scale of operations, facilities, and equipment;
  • Competence: proposed executing team possesses relevant skills and experience across all areas for which activities have been proposed;
  • Proven track record: organization can provide evidence of its experience (at least 3-5 years) in the area of the call for proposals, and a vision matching the goals of the GPSA.

For additional information and the E-application please visit:  www.worldbank.org/gpsa

For help completing the E-application please contact: gpsa@worldbank.org

For Information on the Orientation Session please contact: Veronica Cretu, veronica@cretu.md

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