Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Programme - Request for expression of interest

June 16, 2010

Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Programme
financed by the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union


Design, Development & Delivery of Training on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Poland and Latvia # 1008276

The objective of the Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program (FRTAP) is to support the new EU member states in their efforts to put in place sustainable regulatory and institutional frameworks for financial reporting by private sector entities.  FRTAP forms part of the Swiss enlargement contribution to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU.

The World Bank’s Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) has entered into agreements to provide technical assistance under FRTAP to the governments of Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia.  It is currently negotiating agreements with the governments of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania.

The objective of this assignment is design, develop and deliver IFRS training to enhance the capacity in IFRS at the national levels. The professional-level IFRS courses will include:

(i) a comprehensive IFRS course covering  all IFRS for approximately 12 days (80 teaching hours) - 1 group in Latvia and 18 groups in Poland; and
(ii) an advanced IFRS course covering more complex topics  (for example, financial assets and financial liabilities, fair value measurement, business combinations and consolidation)  for approximately  6 days (40 teaching hours) - 1 group in Latvia and 12 groups in Poland. Training shall be delivered in 2010 in Latvia and during 2010-2015 in Poland.

More detailed information is included in the Terms of Reference (attached below) and in the eConsultant2 system  in the section "bidding opportunities" - link is provided below. As a courtesy, the Bank Group also sends the notices to dgMarkets and UNDB Online. At this stage of the selection process the qualified and interested firms are invited to submit its expression of interest through eConsultant2 by June 28, 2010.

Selection number of this assignment is 1008276