WANTED: civil society organizations pushing the social accountability agenda in Mongolia

April 29, 2010

ULAANBAATAR, April 29, 2010 - The World Bank Mongolia Country Office is calling for small grant applications from Mongolian civil society organizations spearheading social accountability initiatives.

The World Bank is keen to push the social accountability agenda here in Mongolia as social accountability works to promotes active citizens, constructive engagement between government and its citizens and good governance.

Successful applicants are expected to strengthen mechanisms for inclusion, accountability and participation amongst civil society groups. Successful applications will also be responsible for strengthening partnerships between the government and civil society groups.

“As Mongolia enters this new era of mining generated boom, it’s imperative that Mongolia and it’s many organizations, including the civil society organizations, effectively manage this newly acquired mineral wealth,” World Bank Country Manager and Resident Representative Arshad Sayed said.

“We look forward to receiving small grant applications from a range of civil society organizations and funding those with well thought out, cleaver and achievable goals,” said Mr Sayed.

This funding pool is available courtesy of the World Bank’s Civil Society Fund. Applications must be submitted by 5pm, May 03, 2010. The winners will be announced in mid May, 2010.

Download an application form from and submit your application (in either English or Mongolian) in a sealed envelope to:
Social Accountability:
The World Bank 5F, MCS Plaza Bldg, Seoul str-4
Ulaanbaatar 210644

Please email or for further information.


What is the Civil Society Fund?
Through small grants, the Civil Society Fund supports projects that empower and enable citizens to take initiatives to enhance and influence development outcomes. Projects that strengthen mechanisms for inclusion, accountability and participation as well as partnerships with the public sector, other civil society organizations and the private sector are ideal funding candidates for the CSF.

How much funding is on offer?
Grants will not exceed $5,000 and extra funding (in kind or otherwise) should be leveraged from other sources. Applicants should outline how and from which other donor/s the remaining funding will derive.

What is the timeframe for project completion?
Activities should be completed within six months of receiving the grant.

What activities are supported?
The Civil Society Fund supports activities whose primary objective is civic engagement.

What activities are NOT supported?
CSF cannot grant to: Research programs, formal academic training programs, operational projects, ongoing institutional core support (such as equipment unrelated to the activity), scholarships, fellowships, study programs, individuals applying on their own behalf or organizations not categorized as civil society organizations.

How will applications be selected?
A panel , consisting of World Bank and non-Bank employees/members, will decide the successful applicants. Letters to applicants in regards to their application status will be issued mid-May 2010. 

How can I find out more information about the small grants?
You can find out more from our website:

How can I apply?
Download an application form from our website ( or pick one up from the following sites:

1. World Bank country office, MCS Plaza 5th floor, Seoul street-4, Ulaanbaatar-210644
2. Open Society Forum Development Information Research Center, Jamiyan gun Street - 5/1, Ulaanbaatar - 48
3. NUM, 2nd building, Central Library
4. Darkhan, City central library
5. Dalanzadgad city, Central library


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