Armenia – The E-Society and Innovation for Competitiveness (EIC) Project

November 30, 2010

IBRD Loan: US$24 million

Terms: Maturity = 25 years; Grace = 10 years

Project ID: P115647

Project Description: The project aims to support the Government of Armenia in its efforts to establish an inclusive 'e-society'. It aims to address constraints to competitive e-Society and enterprise innovation in Armenia by strengthening the underlying infrastructure and enabling environment through: measures to increase access to affordable broadband services for citizens, businesses and public institutions (through development of Nationwide Broadband Backbone and Government Network); equipping citizens and businesses with a tool for authentication of electronic transactions (Digital Citizen Program); and increasing access to affordable computers as well as e-services for citizens (Computer for All Program).

Media Contacts
Jonathan Daly
Tel : (202) 473-2588