Comoros – Emergency Crises Response Project [Additional Funding]

June 1, 2010

IDA Grant: US$5.6 million equivalent
Project ID: P120631
Project Description: The objective of the project for Comoros is to increase access to short-term employment and to basic social and economic services in areas affected by the crises, both global and internally-generated. Comoros is comprised of three islands and is facing a challenging situation created by a number of successive crises, including: (i) a political crisis on the island of Anjouan in 2007-08; (ii) the food price crisis that peaked in mid-2008; (iii) the oil price crisis of late 2008; and (iv) the more recent global financial and economic crisis. As a result, livelihood vulnerabilities have increased substantially. More specifically, in areas most affected by the crises, the project will finance: (a) a cash-for-work component to increase access to short-term employment; and (b) a community-driven development component to contribute to the restoration of access to basic social and economic services.

Media Contacts
Herbert Boh
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