Yemen: Second Port Cities Development Project

May 25, 2010

IDA Grant: US$35 million equivalent

Project ID: P088435

Project Description: The objective of the project is to improve access to and the efficiency of, select public infrastructure in the three port cities of Aden, Hodeidah, and Mukalla. This funding will finance provision of goods, works, and consultants' services for: (i) Hodeidah: improvements to infrastructure at a fishing port in Hodeidah and service delivery at the Al Beida Al Shimaliya settlement; (ii) Aden: infrastructure improvements in and around four district markets; and (iii) Mukalla: expansion of the Mukalla airport passenger terminal building and improvements to the airport's lighting system and improvements at road intersections in Mukalla.

Media Contacts
Hafed Al-Ghwell
Tel : (202) 473-8930