How likely is your job to be automated?

January 27, 2016

  • Looking ahead, there
    will be fewer new
    manufacturing jobs
  • Low and mid-skill service jobs
    will also be automated
    • Call
    • Clerks
      & Secretaries
  • IT jobs will grow, but for
    high skilled workers
Probability of being computerised by occupation
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The “High-tech and high-touch” economy

Most new jobs will withstand automation, take advantage of technology but not be in the IT industry

Low-skilled services Low-skilled services that have to bedelivered face-to-face are likely to grow
High skilled jobs High skilled jobs will rely on modern skills involving creativity and social interactions
  • Advanced economies can expect larger
    disruptions in the near future
  • Low and middle income countries can expect
    disruptions, but after a time lag
  • In poorer countries disruptions are likely
    to arrive more slowly

All countries need to develop modern skills
among children and youth, but also have a
strategy for retraining and life-long learning
for older workers