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World Bank Satisfaction Survey – Client feedback on our performance

May 11, 2015


The World Bank is committed to improving service to our clients in order to better achieve our shared development outcomes. Our new survey solicits feedback at critical points in the project lifecycle, for example, at the beginning, midpoint, or completion of an operation or activity. Results are aggregated and cannot be linked back to any individual respondent.

At the World Bank, we want to hear from our clients on how we’re doing so we can serve them better. The new World Bank Satisfaction Survey gives clients who play a critical role on World Bank operations and activities the opportunity to share confidential feedback on World Bank services as they receive them.   

Clients can share their views on a project at all the critical points—within a month of the project’s beginning, midpoint, or completion—so we can quickly identify areas of institutional strength and weakness and do something about it.

The structure of the survey

Clients receive an email with a link to the six-question survey, which takes about two minutes to complete. The questions range from how well the World Bank worked with a client during an operation and provided support at the right time, to whether the Bank brought global expertise and how well it was tailored to the country context. Respondents can also provide free-text feedback based on their experiences

All feedback is confidential: no names will be attached to responses; no project-level data will be reported; all survey results will be reported in aggregate only if they encompass at least six observations.

Early responses are expected by summer 2015, and reports will be made publicly available as soon as sufficient aggregate data are in. Check back here for our reports.

How is this survey different from other World Bank Surveys?

The World Bank Satisfaction Survey addresses client satisfaction in the context of a specific activity or operation at specific points in the project lifecycle. The Country Opinion Survey poses a range of questions about the totality of World Bank’s work to a broader group of stakeholders, and is administered in a country once every three years. 

Other mechanisms to gather client feedback, such as client contributions to Implementation Completion Reports and regular country dialogue, gather qualitative data that cannot be aggregated and are not confidential.

Contact the World Bank Satisfaction Survey Team anytime with feedback, questions or comments at WorldBankSatisfactionSurvey@worldbank.org

Last Updated: May 11, 2015