Jobs Umbrella Trust Fund Call for Proposals

March 4, 2015


The World Bank Group is pleased to announce a first Call for Proposals under the Umbrella Trust Fund for Jobs (UTF-JOBS). The Fund aims to generate global knowledge and innovative solutions to help promote job creation, improve the productivity and quality of jobs, and connect people to jobs.

Applications must be for projects that fall under the following Windows of the UTF-JOBS:

  • Data, Diagnostics, Evaluations and Strategies (Window 1)
  • Jobs for Youth (Window 3)
  • Jobs in Fragile and Conflict Affected Countries (Window 4)

Successful proposals can receive funding of up to $1,000,000.00 depending on Project objectives.

The UTF-JOBS aims to generate global knowledge and innovative solutions to support the implementation of multi-sector country strategies and programs that promote job creation; improve the productivity and quality of jobs; and connect people to jobs. This first call for proposals only covers 3 of the 5 Windows of the UTF-JOBS. A call for proposals under Actionable Research for Jobs (Window 5) will be made at a later date.  Activities under The Let’s Work Global Partnership (Window 2) are allocated separately.  


The call is open to World Bank Group staff and those from institutions working in partnership with the World Bank Group. However, all applications, on the attached template, must be submitted by a World Bank Group staff member.

Selection Criteria

As this is the first call for funding under the UTF-JOBS, we are seeking projects that are of the highest quality and that will set an exceptional standard for future activities under this Trust Fund.

Selection will be done through a scoring process and, in addition to quality of the proposals and relevance, priority will be given to activities that meet all, or several of the following criteria:

  • Involve multi-sector interventions that address important knowledge gaps within the jobs agenda;
  • Demonstrate innovation;
  • Have a strong ownership by, or involvement of, counterpart governments/clients;
  • Build on current lending operations, investments or Advisory Services and Analytics;
  • Have the potential to be scaled up by governments or the private sector;
  • Have a well-defined monitoring and evaluation framework with a gender focus and links to the World Bank Group goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity among the bottom 40%; and
  • For multi-year projects, can effectively disburse substantial funds over the next 12 months. 

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

This call for proposals is financed by the British Government’s Department of International Development (DFID); Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany; Austrian Development Agency; And Foreign Ministry of Austria . 

For more on the UTF-Jobs click here.