Poland: A Top Performer in Doing Business

October 23, 2012


Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, speaking at the launch of Doing Business 2013 in Warsaw

Photo: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland

  • Poland is a regional and global leader in introducing key reforms to enable local firms to grow faster.
  • Poland has improved significantly in many areas crucial for economic development, including contract enforcement, registration of property, closing a business, payment of taxes, and getting credit.
  • Among EU countries, Poland has made the most cumulative progress over the past five years towards being a top global performer.

Poland made more progress in improving its business environment during the period June 2011 to June 2012 than any other country worldwide, according to a new IFC and World Bank report. Doing Business: Smarter Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises looked at 185 economies worldwide and analyzed regulations that apply to businesses during their life cycle, including start-up and operations, trading across borders, paying taxes, and protecting investors.

Poland has introduced four important institutional or regulatory reforms that have made it easier for businesses to operate:

  • Property registration is now faster following the introduction of a new caseload management system for land and mortgage registries and by continued digitization of records.
  • Paying taxes is easier for companies because of electronic filing and payment systems which are increasingly used by firms.
  • The time required to enforce contracts in Warsaw has been cut by one third since 2005, because of more simplified procedures, efficient document handling and improved case monitoring.
  • The efficiency of insolvency proceedings has improved over the past six years due largely to updated guidelines on information and a more streamlined process of bankruptcy petition.

" This is not about less regulations – this is about better, smarter regulations. This is not about a “free for all”, this is about measuring the Government’s effectiveness in developing a regulatory environment that can facilitate, rather than hamper, the development of a vibrant private sector. "

Xavier Devictor

World Bank Country Manager for Poland and the Baltic Countries

At the Doing Business report launch in Warsaw on 23 October, the World Bank’s Country Manager for Poland and the Baltic Countries, Mr. Xavier Devictor, highlighted Poland’s role as “one of Europe’s champions of good economic management.” Devictor also emphasized the importance of the Bank’s partnership with Poland and how the Bank would continue to work with the Polish authorities in helping to design a new generation of reforms, and to help other countries learn from Poland’s experience in addressing similar challenges.

The report launch at the Warsaw Stock Exchange was attended by Poland’s Prime Minister, Mr. Donald Tusk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Mr. Waldemar Pawlak, and Minister for Justice, Mr. Jaroslaw Gowin. Conveying his appreciation for the World Bank’s support, Prime Minister Tusk expressed satisfaction with Poland's performance but also underlined the need to continue working to further improve the investment climate in Poland.