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Trade and Uneven Development

September 12-13, 2024
Washington, DC
Postcard for the Trade and Uneven Development Conference

Registration: The conference program and registration information will be announced on this website by August 1, 2024. If you would like to be notified when formal registration opens, please fill out this short form.

Note: Submissions for this conference are now closed.

International trade has historically been a force for development and poverty reduction. But trade is increasingly viewed as contributing to inequality and risk. It is also seen as depleting natural resources and a growing threat to the environment. Finally, there is a growing belief that trade is a zero-sum game and not a mutually beneficial process. As a result, protectionism is on the rise and policy makers are increasingly resorting to unilateral solutions, internationally and domestically, often at odds with the lessons from economics research. Given the depth of global interdependence, and the fact that many countries are also still pursuing liberalizing policies in parallel to restrictive ones, the outcomes for development are difficult to predict.

To discuss the role of international trade on development outcomes and their sustainability and inclusivity, the World Bank and the editorial team from the Journal of International Economics are hosting a research conference in Washington, DC on September 12-13, 2024. The conference will be organized by Journal of International economics co-editors Costas Arkolakis (Yale University), Martin Uribe (Columbia University), and World Bank economists Erhan Artuc, Ana Fernandes, and Manuel García-Santana (World Bank Development Research Group). The scientific selection committee comprises Davin Chor (Dartmouth College), Kerem Cosar (University of Virginia), Tatjana Kleineberg (World Bank Development Research Group), Bob Rijkers (World Bank Development Research Group). Papers that will be selected for the conference will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of International Economics with guest editor Ben Faber (University of California, Berkeley).

The conference will feature research on trade and development, including but not limited to the following sub-topics:

  • Role of product, labor and capital markets.
  • Global value chains and globalization of production.
  • Role of changing technologies (e.g. green, digital).
  • Spatial analysis of international trade and development outcomes.
  • Environment, climate change, and sustainability.
  • Institutions, governance and political economy, including international rules and domestic aspects (e.g. informality, corruption, illicit financial flows).
  • Globalization and the role of intra-national trade and spatial frictions.

We encourage the submission of papers – theoretical and/or empirical – that address these questions and themes. Submissions from early-career scholars and individuals belonging to historically underrepresented groups in economics are particularly welcome.

The deadline for submissions closed on May 15, 2024. Authors chosen to present papers at the conference will be notified by June 30, 2024. Please abstain from submitting papers that are considered for publication in other journals. Papers previously rejected from the Journal of International Economics (JIE) will not be considered for the conference. Note further that:

  • Submitting to the conference is not a formal submission to the JIE. To be considered for the special issue, papers selected for the conference must also be submitted to the JIE by December 12, 2024.
  • Papers that are not included in the conference are still welcome to be submitted to the JIE through their regular submission channels for peer review.

The organizers will partially cover the cost of one author per selected paper attending the conference, including economy class plane ticket issued through the World Bank’s travel agency and three nights of hotel accommodation in Washington DC; all co-authors will be invited. Questions about conference logistics may be addressed to Michelle Atienza (; questions about conference content may be addressed to Erhan Artuc (


  • Date: September 12-13, 2024
  • Location: World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington DC 20433
Submissions for this conference are now closed