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Civil Society Policy Forum: Spring Meetings 2024

April 17-19, 2024
Washington, DC
Civil society representatives

The Civil Society Policy Forum will be held in Washington, DC, from April 17-19.

Energizing Change: Assessing Local Impacts of WBG’s Energy Transition Projects in Latin America

Organizers: FARN, BIC, Coalition for Human Rights in Development, AIDA, Sustentarse, CIEL, DAR, GT Infraestrutura

Session Abstract: Climate action demands WBG and other MDBs to intensify their efforts to promote a just energy transition by promoting access and democratization, while safeguarding the rights of project-affected communities and biodiversity. Panelists will delve into the observed impacts of energy transition financing in Latin America and Caribbean, offering valuable insights, experiences, and actionable recommendations.

·         Moderator: Carolina Juaneda, Latin America Program Manager, BIC

·         Panelist 1: Leandro Gomez, Coordinator of Investment and Human Rights Program, FARN

·         Panelist 2: Maia Seeger, Executive Director, Sustentarse

Adequate Disclosure, Public Review, and Consultation for Environmental and Social Impacts Before WBG Financing Decisions

Organizers: Senik Centre Asia, Accountability Counsel, Inclusive Development International, PMCJ, CIEL, MENAFem Movement, Recourse, Bank Climate Advocates

Session Abstract: Opportunity for public review before project approval is vital for environmental impact assessments. However, the World Bank falls short of its public review, disclosure, and consultation requirements that apply before project financing. Frontline communities and civil society will share evidence of how WBG is failing to meet its obligations, causing avoidable harm.

·         Moderator: Aubrey Manahan, Campaigner for CIEL’s People, Land & Resources Program, CIEL

·         Panelist 1: Jason Weiner, Executive Director & Legal Director, Bank Climate Advocates

·         Panelist 2: Gregory Berry, Policy Associate, Accountability Counsel

·         Panelist 3: Suzan Nada, Labor Rights Lawyer, MENAFem Movement

·         Panelist 4: Aaron Pedrosa, Head of Legal Team, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice