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Embedding Ecosystems Services into Policy (EESP) Training Program

Embedding Ecosystems Services into Policy (EESP)

The Global Program for Sustainability (GPS) and the Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Landscape Assessment (BELA) initiative at the World Bank launched the Embedding Ecosystems Services into Policy (EESP) training program. This program aims to deliver tailored capacity-building to support policymakers and technical staff in governments to move beyond the initial landscape and ecosystems assessments to translate biophysical analyses into financial and economic feasibility and trade-off analyses that can inform policy development and planning processes.


EESP Workshops

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Embedding Ecosystem Services into Policy Training Event in Malawi

Building on the ecosystem services assessments performed to inform the Malawi Country Climate Development Report, the EESP team worked closely with the National Statistics Office and the Department of Environmental Affairs in Malawi to make the case for ecosystem services and natural capital approaches to key institutions. This resulted in a 3-day training event conducted in Lilongwe, Malawi, in June 2023, convening 13 senior government officials and 46 technical experts and practitioners from various sectors in the environmental, policy and financial planning space in Malawi. The training was tailored to demonstrate the possible applications of these approaches to three priority, national policy processes: the Malawi 2063 Plan, the upcoming updates of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP), and the implementation of the 2022 Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) framework. The Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice sent a delegate to welcome senior government officials to the community of practice and provide support to the Malawi government as they set up their steering committee and prepared a roadmap for the development of natural capital accounts.

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Key Achievements

This event brought together decision makers from key sectors to promote the adoption of ecosystem services and natural capital approaches in national planning strategies in Malawi.

Malawian leaders worked together to define how the different sectors can integrate these approaches into their policies and projects, and they nominated the National Statistics Office (NSO) as the institution to lead Malawi’s natural capital accounting. 

The NSO and Office of Environmental Affairs worked closely with the Africa NCA Community of Practice to draft a natural capital accounting roadmap and participants from all sectors contributed their ideas and made commitments to support the next steps in Malawi’s natural capital accounting process.



Officials and technical staff from the following institutions:


National Statistics OfficeReserve Bank of Malawi
Department of Environmental AffairsNational Bank of Malawi
Department of WildlifeLilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department of Economic Planning and DevelopmentUniversity of Malawi
Department of FisheriesNational Herbarium and Botanical Gardens
Department of ForestsForest Research Institute
Department of Water ResourcesMalawi Environment Endowment Trust
Ministry of Natural ResourcesMWAPATA Institute for Policy Research
Ministry of AgricultureMount Mulanje Conservation Trust
Ministry of LandsElectricity Generation Company Malawi
Ministry of FinanceMpatamanga Hydro Power Limited
Peace Park Foundation 


Workshop Agenda

Malawi ES & NCA Training Agenda


Workshop Presentations

Capacity BuildingIntroduction to Ecosystem Services (ES) Assessments and Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) for PolicymakersIntroToESAandNCA
Knowledge SharingEcosystem Approaches and Natural Capital Accounting in MalawESA and NCA in Malawi
Capacity BuildingIntroduction to Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)IntroToPES
Capacity BuildingES Assessments for PESESAForPES
Capacity BuildingES Assessments for NBSAPESAforNBSAPs
Capacity BuildingDeveloping Policy Briefs with ES Assessment ResultsDevelopingPolicyBriefs
Capacity BuildingMalawi 2063: ES and National Planning in MalawiMalawi2063


Malawi Deep Dive

Forthcoming in 2024


  • EESP Training Program

    The Global Program for Sustainability (GPS) and the Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Landscape Assessment (BELA) initiative at the World Bank launched the Embedding Ecosystems Services into Policy (EESP) training program.