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Top Challenges for Cyber Resilient Development

November 7, 2022
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The World Bank’s Digital Development Global Practice will host online a CyberTalk on the “Top Challenges for Cyber Resilient Development”. The event will include a fireside chat and a panel discussion with high-level government representatives and cyber leaders from client and donor countries.

The objective of this event is to discuss the main cybersecurity-related challenges that developing countries are experiencing as they become more digitalized as well as the policies, tools, best practices, and resources needed to protect their digital transformation and mitigate related cyber risks. Developing countries often struggle with a lack of cybersecurity skills and funding to strengthen cyber capabilities, gaps in institutional capacity, and inadequate governance, legal, and regulatory frameworks in particular for the protection of their critical infrastructures.

The discussion will help prioritize specific challenges and needs of client countries in order to inform and guide the World Bank’s fast-growing cyber resilience investments and technical assistance. These discussions will help further focus, elaborate, and expand on the priority areas where the World Bank and other development partners could further support client countries in order to enhance their cyber resilience, including through investments and advisory services. They will also serve as another call to action to encourage key development stakeholders, including the World Bank, to better address cybersecurity-related challenges in their development projects and promote greater co-operation on cybersecurity and cyber resilient development.


  • When: 09:00 - 10:30 ET
  • Where: Online
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