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President Malpass meets Japanese Parliamentarians

September 13, 2022
Tokyo, Japan
President Malpass meets Japanese Parliamentarians

World Bank Group President David Malpass, while visiting Tokyo to take part in the in-person launch event of the IDA20, met with Members of the Japan Chapter of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank (PN).

Close to 20 MPs were in attendance, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs (MP Hayashi), the two State Ministers of Finance (MP Inoue and MP Akino) and the Parliamentary Vice Minister of Cabinet Office and for Reconstruction. President Malpass was joined by Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Anshula Kant, Vice President of Development Finance (DFi VP) Aki Nishio, and Vice President of External and Corporate Relations (ECRVP) Sheila Redzepi.

The meeting provided an opportunity for an open and candid exchange of views between the WBG President and Japanese MPs across the political spectrum. This was the first time that an incumbent Foreign Minister attended a meeting of the Japan Chapter.