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[World Bank TDLC Online Event] Trajectory of Compact City Development and QII in Japan: Lessons learned from Toyama

March 26, 2021

Tokyo, Japan

  • Urbanization is occurring at an unprecedented pace around the world. Cities that expand without proper regulatory frameworks or planning often end up with exacerbated urban challenges, including deteriorating living conditions, and become increasingly vulnerable to disasters.

    To address these challenges that emerge from urbanization, World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) launched the City Partnership Program (CPP) in 2016. The objective of CPP is to leverage Japanese cities’ knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to accelerate urban development projects in developing countries. Six Japanese cities (Toyama, Kitakyushu, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuoka, Yokohama) currently partner with TDLC to share their knowledge and experiences with developing countries.

    As part of CPP, Toyama City and TDLC co-published a case study in 2017 titled “Development Knowledge of Toyama City,” which summarizes the city’s urban development initiatives under its compact city policy. This year, a second case study, titled “The Development Story of Toyama,” was released.

    In this event, Mayor Masashi Mori and other key policy administrators of Toyama City unpacked their difficult journey towards transforming into a compact city, and discussed how Japan’s compact city development approach could be applied to developing countries.

  • (Subject to Change)

    Opening Remarks

    1:30PM - 1:35PM

    • Masashi Tanabe
      Director, Multilateral Development Banks Division, International Bureau, Ministry of Finance (MoF)

    Trajectory of Compact City Development in Toyama

    1:35PM - 2:05PM

    • Speaker:
      Mayor Masashi Mori
      Toyama City
    • Moderator:
      Victor Mulas
      Senior Urban Specialist, World Bank TDLC

    Video Presentation by Toyama City (“The Dream of 100 Years”)

    2:05PM - 2:10PM

    Panel Discussion: What Makes a Compact City Successful?

    2:10PM - 2:40PM

    • Speakers
      Shinji Honda
      Senor Policy Administrator, City of Toyama
      Mitsuhiro Yamazaki
      Consultant, World Bank TDLC
    • Moderator:
      Haruka Miki-Imoto
      Operations Officer, World Bank TDLC

    Panel Discussion: Quality of Infrastructure Investment (QII) and Japanese Cities

    2:40PM - 3:15PM

    • Speakers:
      Hiroshi Nishimaki
      Consultant;World Bank TDLC
      Haruka Miki-Imoto
      Operations Officer, World Bank TDLC
    • Discussant:
      Hiroshi Taniguchi
      Advisor, Toyama City
    • Moderator:
      Victor Mulas
      Senior Urban Specialist, World Bank TDLC

    Closing Remar

    3:15PM - 3:20PM


  • Date/time: 1:30pm – 3:20pm, Friday, March 26, 2021 (JST)
  • Language: English (The simultaneous interpretation (English/Japanese) will be available)
  • CONTACT: Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) Communications: Ms. Rutsuko Tanaka TEL:070-2482-9725