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Reimagining National Statistical Systems: Risks and Opportunities for Official Statistics in the Public Data Agenda

December 16, 2020



VIDEO Dec 16, 2020

Reimagining National Statistical Systems

Watch the replay of our seminar with Professor Paul Cheung


Establishing National Data Systems is an integral part of the public data agenda which helps harvest the data dividend for government agencies. What then is the role and relevance of National Statistical Systems (NSS), which have been the incumbent supplier of data and information for many decades? Will the NSS be subsumed under the National Data System and become increasingly marginalized? How can the NSS' role be better defined against a rapidly developing landscape? This seminar will discuss the risks and opportunities for the NSS within the context of the public data agenda, and what adaptation strategies and expectations the NSS must strive to meet.

Ressources from the seminar: 


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  • Wednesday, Dec. 16: 9-10:30 a.m. ET