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Fourth Annual Health Financing Forum: Exploring Frontiers of Resource Mobilization for Health

April 9-10, 2019

Washington Marriott Georgetown Hotel, Washington DC


The World Bank Group and USAID, in collaboration with the Global Financing Facility, will host the 4th Annual Health Financing Forum on April 9-10 at the Washington Marriott Georgetown hotel.

This year's 4th Annual Health Financing Forum will explore the frontiers of resource mobilization for health including innovations that have the potential to catalyze significant progress in health financing.

The Forum will be structured around three themes: digital innovations in financial protection programs, the political economy of resource mobilization, and the role of private capital investment in the achievement of health and development goals.

Please consult the concept note for more information.



The pre-registration closed on March 22, 2019. Applicants who have registered interest will be contacted by the end of the month if a confirmed seat is available.

The contracted room block at the Washington Marriott Georgetown Hotel has expired and room reservations are now based on hotel availability. For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

  • The 4th Annual Health Financing Forum will feature 4 themes and one satellite session.

    SESSION 1: What are some of the digital innovations in financial protection programs that are taking place in low- and middle-income countries?

    This session will present the results of a global stock taking review on novel approaches to health financing that have been introduced and, in some cases, brought to scale in lower income countries.  Approaches that have harnessed the power of digitization, mobile technologies, and cashless payment systems will be highlighted.

    SESSION 2: The political economy of resource mobilization

    This session will focus on understanding possible entry points for Ministries of Health and their partners in engaging key stakeholders in policy decisions and priorities for raising more revenue in the health sector.

    SESSION 3: Can governments and donors successfully and sustainably leverage financing flows from the private sector to achieve health and development goals?

    The private sector is playing a bigger role in the economic development of most low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). In the context of health, this new development finance landscape presents an opportunity for country governments and donors to think strategically about how to (i) create an enabling environment to encourage sustainable private sector investment in health with a focus on equitable health outcomes for those most in need of services and (ii) support development of financial instruments that can effectively draw in impact-oriented private investors at the scale required to bridge funding gaps to achieve country-specific health and development goals.

    The plenary and side sessions will address the roles of governments and donors in catalyzing private capital with a focus on development objectives; identify financing instruments and sustainable business models for mobilizing resources from the private sector to deliver higher impact and value; and discuss the tradeoffs between financial return and development impact of private investment in health in LMICs.

    SESSION 4: Exploring frontiers for the Annual Health Financing Forum

    The Forum will conclude with a forward-looking exercise to explore which topics to cover for future forums. The audience will have the opportunity to discuss these and other options with a distinguished panel from academia, civil society, government, the private sector.  



    Arrival & Registration/Breakfast


    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Opening remarks from Bill Steiger, Chief of Staff, USAID

    Welcome Remarks from Timothy G. Evans, Senior Director of HNP, The World Bank

    Replay Opening remarks


    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 1.1: Mobile Technology Driven Innovations in Financial Protection

    Replay Plenary 1.1

    Moderator: Timothy G. Evans


    • Christoph Kurowski, Global Lead Health Financing, The World Bank
    • Luke Shors, Co-founder and Vice President, Tekano
    • Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang, CEO, PharmAccess
    • Matt Guilford, Co-Founder, Telenor Health
    • Dr. Indu Bhushan, CEO, National Health Authority, India
    • Dr. Olapeju Adenusi, General Manager, Lagos State Health Management Agency, Nigeria


    Coffee Break


    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 1.2:  Mobile Technology Driven Innovations in Financial Protection- Working Group Discussion

    Replay Plenary 1.2


    Amit Chandra, The World Bank

    Luke Shors, Co-founder and Vice President, Tekano


    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Human Capital and Health Financing - Introduction

    Annette Dixon, Vice President, The World Bank



    West End-Gallery 8

    Demos: 12:45-13-45


    Product demos during lunchtime:

    Moderator: Luke Shors, Co-founder and Vice President, Tekano

    Claim-it application, by Dr. Lydia Selby, CEO, Ghana National Health Insurance Authority

    openIMIS, Viktoria Rabovskaja, Advisor - Social Health Protection / Health Financing, GIZ


    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 2.1. Political Economy. Raising More Revenues.

    Replay Plenary 2.1

    Moderator: David Evans, The World Bank


    • Nasruddin Djoko Surjono, Deputy Director of Customs and Excise Policy, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
    • Mr. Yuriy  Dzhygyr, Deputy Minister of Finance, Ukraine
    • Jenifer Healy, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, USAID
    • Dr. Ruth Kagia, President’s Office, Kenya
    • David Coady, Deputy Division Chief of the Expenditure Policy Division, IMF
    • Gwen Hines, Save the Children UK


    Coffee Break

    15:45 – 17:15

    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 2.2. Political Economy. More Priority to Health.

    Replay Plenary 2.2

    Moderator:  Ellen Van De Poel, Senior Health Economist, Global Financing Facility


    • Dr. Ulana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health, Ukraine
    • Mr. Ben   Akabueze, Director General, Budget Office, Nigeria 
    • Mr. Yuriy  Dzhygyr, Deputy Minister of Finance, Ukraine
    • Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby, CEO, National Health Insurance Authority, Ghana
    • Ruth Ngechu, Deputy Director for Living Goods, Kenya
    • David Kim, The World Bank


    Room: West End





    Room: West End




    Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 3: Can governments and donors successfully and sustainably leverage financing flows from the private sector to achieve health and development goals?

    Replay Plenary 3

    Replay breakout 1, 2 and 3

    Moderator: Joan Larrea, CEO, Convergence


    • Elena Sterlin, Global Manager, IFC
    • Monique Vledder, Practice Manager, GFF
    • Giselle Leung, Managing Director, GIIN
    • Dr. Yekoyesew Worku, Director General (Operations), Ministry of Health, Ethiopia
    • Karl Fickenscher, Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID
    • Ambassador John Simon, Vice-Chair, The Global Fund
    • Martin Short, CEO, The Power of Nutrition


    Coffee Break



    Breakout 1:  Dupont Ballroom Gallery 6-7

    Breakout 2:  Gallery 5 

    Breakout 3: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Breakout 1: Development Impact Bonds (DIB)— Early learnings and the way forward.

    Moderator: Emily Gustaffson-Wright, Fellow Global Economy and Development, Brookings


    Kia Kavoosi, Manager Capital Advisory, MaRS

    Priya Sharma, Senior Policy and Innovative Financing Advisor, USAID

    James Ronicle, Associate Director, Ecorys

    Kate Sturla, Associate Director, IDinsight

    Dia Martin, Managing Director, OPIC

    Breakout 2: Redirecting private sector investments to align private innovation and profits with public health interests: Is value-based care a viable opportunity for health systems in LMICs and emerging economies? 

    Moderator:  Chin Maru, Founder and Executive Director, GDI


    Nick Pearson, Founder and Executive Director, Jacaranda

    Robert Kaplan, Senior Fellow and Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development

    Harvard Business School

    Amy Bassano, Deputy Director, CMMI

    Sylvana Sinha, Founder and CEO, Praava

    Breakout 3: Financial return vs. development impact:  Can private health investment in LMICs really maximize both or is there a trade-off?

    Moderator:  Sneha Kanneganti, Private Sector Lead, GFF


    Lalarukh Faiz, Director of INVEST, USAID

    Akinchan Jain, Senior Financial Officer, World Bank Treasury

    Chris McCahan, Global Sector Lead for Health, IFC

    Prabu Thiruppathy, Principal, Kois Invest

    Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang, CEO, PharmAccess

    Mr. Mohammad Monzarul Manan, Joint Secretary in the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance Bangladesh



    West End-Gallery 8




    Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    Plenary 4: Exploring frontiers for AHFF

    Replay Plenary 4

    Moderator: Daniel Dulitzky, Practice Manager, The World Bank


    • Sara Bennett, Director of Health Systems Program, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    • Eduardo Gonzalez-Pier, Fellow, Center for Global Development
    • Dr. Ulana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health, Ukraine
    • Alex Preker, President, Health Investment & Financing Corporation
    • Jacqueline Weekers, Director, Migration Health Division, IOM
    • Francesca Colombo, Head of Health Division, OECD

    15:00 – 15:15

    Closing Remarks.  Tim Evans, Senior Director of HNP, The World Bank (TBC)

    Replay Closing Remarks


  • Satellite Session 1: Taxes for Health


    15:30 – 17:30

    Room: Metropolitan Gallery 1-4

    This session will share country experiences and evidence on implementing tax and other fiscal policies for public health, with a focus on experiences from implementing tobacco tax.

    The session will also address barriers to implementation and focus on how countries can best leverage fiscal policies to yield improved health outcomes for their citizens. The findings of a new World Bank Group global report on policies and institutional mechanisms to control illicit tobacco trade will also be covered.

    Moderator: Patricio V. Marquez, Lead Public Health Specialist, HNP Global Practice, The World Bank