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Poland: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

January 24, 2019



The conference is organized jointly by the World Bank and the National Health Fund and will provide insights into what the vision is for the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the health sector in Poland.

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    8:30 – 9:15Registration 
    9:15 – 9:25Welcome and opening remarksCarlos Pinerua, Country Manager, WBG
    9:25 – 9:45

    Objectives and setting the stage:

    Why this, why here, why now?

    Anna Kozieł, Senior Health Specialist, WBG

    Mukesh Chawla, Adviser, WBG

    9:45 – 10:30

    The visionaries |

    Charting a new path for success:

    Panelists will announce their vision of the use

    of big data and AI in technology, health,

    and medicine and discuss alternative perspectives

    as Poland pushes the frontier of the fourth

    industrial revolution.


    Tania Dmytraczenko, Practice Manager, WBG



    Andrzej Jacyna, President, National Health

    Fund, Poland

    Łukasz Szumowski, Minister of Health,

    Poland (TBC)

    10:30 – 11:10

    Opening keynote address:

    Disruptive technologies in health|

    A global perspective

    David Wilson, Program Director, WBG
    11:10 – 11:30Coffee break 
    11:30 – 12:30

    The disrupters |

    Disrupting the status quo: How big data

    and AI will change the provision

    of healthcare

    The use of big data and AI within the health

    sector has the potential to fundamentally change

    healthcare by contributing to primary and

    secondary disease prevention, monitoring the

    safety of healthcare systems, and helping in the

    implementation of appropriate treatment paths

    for patients, among others. Panelists will discuss

    how the implementation of big data and AI are

    bringing about this new paradigm of healthcare



    Roman Młodkowski, business journalist

    focusing on new technologies



    Adam Niedzielski, Vice President, National

    Health Fund, Poland

    Costica Dumbrava, European Commission,

    DG Connect, Luxembourg

    Brooke Partridge, CEO, Vital Wave, USA

    Przemysław Tadla, Strategy Director,

    Medicalgorithmics S.A., Poland

    Robert Nowak, Faculty of Electronics and

    Information Technology, Warsaw University

    of Technology

    12:30 – 13:30Lunch 
    13:30 – 14:30

    The implementers |

    Realizing the full potential of big data

    and AI in the health sector in Poland

    Panelists will articulate how Poland is in a

    strategic position to catalyze the use of big data

    and AI in the health sector to meet its vision for

    the future. Panelists will describe how escalated

    investments in human capital will propel the

    health sector to new frontiers.


    Agnieszka Kister, Ministry of Health, Poland



    Janusz Cieszyński, Ministry of Health, Poland

    Todd Reid, MIT/Harvard, USA

    Andi Orlowski, Imperial College, London, UK

    Aleksander Sowa, Strategic Development

    Director, Roche Poland

    Justyna Orłowska, Director, GovTech Polska,

    Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland

    Roman Topór-Mądry, President, Agency for

    Health Technology Assessment and

    Tarification, Poland

    14:30 – 15:30

    The dreamers |

    Reimagining the health system of tomorrow:

    Panelists will reflect on how the use of big data

    and AI will bring about deep transformation for

    a patient-centric health system that prioritizes the

    needs and demands of the digitally savvy aging



    Agnieszka Gaczkowska, WBG



    Leo Anthony Celi, MIT/Harvard, USA

    Paweł Sieczkiewicz, CEO, Telemedi.co, Poland

    Piotr Orzechowski, CEO, Infermedica, Poland

    Jakub Adamski, Director, Analysis and

    Strategy Department, Ministry of Health,


    Keith Grimes, Clinical Innovation Director,

    Babylon Health, UK

    15:30 – 15:50

    Closing keynote address:

    Reflections on the day

    Fadia Saadah, Director, WBG, USA
    15:50 – 16:00

    Outlining the way forward:

    Acting today to change tomorrow

    Mukesh Chawla, Adviser, WBG

    Anna Kozieł, Senior Health Specialist, WBG



  • When: 24 Jan, 2019
  • Where: Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe Nowy Świat, ul. Nowy Świat 6/12, Sala Kinowa