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Social Safety Nets Core Course 2016
April 25-May 06, 2016Washington, D.C.

The two-week core course builds on the latest developments in safety nets as integral part of social protection systems, to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the development of social assistance or social safety net programs.


The two-week core course builds on the latest developments in safety nets as integral part of social protection systems, to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the development of social assistance or social safety net programs. A variety of learning methods are used, including presentations, round table discussions, simulation games, hands-on computer assisted exercises and group work.

The Safety Nets Core Course was held concurrently with a similar Core Course on Pensions.


Policymakers and policy analysts from Government agencies, NGOs involved in the implementation of social safety nets, and operational staff from the World Bank and from bilateral and multilateral donor agencies. Interested TTLs and countries are encouraged to nominate teams engaged in the design, implementation or evaluation of social safety nets programs.



Please apply to the course. The deadline for application is Monday, February 29, 2016.

The course brochure is being revised to reflect the updated design of the course. Further information will be available in December, 2015.

To be placed on the distribution list to directly receive the announcement of the Social Safety Nets Core course application site, please email Social Protection and Labor Knowledge and Learning at splkl@worldbank.org.



We highly recommend that applicants complete the e-learning Social Safety Nets Course.



Please see Social Safety Nets Core Course 2014 page for the agenda and presentation.

Monday, April 25

The World Bank’s Conceptual Framework and Engagement in Social Protection and Labor by Laura Rawlings (watch the video)

Global Trends and Challenges in Social Protection and Labor by Robert Palacios (watch the video)

Analytical Techniques and Considerations for Evaluating Performance of SPL Programs, Poverty/Vulnerability Assessments by Ruslan Yemtsov

Country Engagement and Story of SP Evolution by Maniza Naqvi

Romania: Technical Assistance on Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion 2014-2016 by Emil Tesliuc

Draft National Strategy on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction (2015-2020) by Emil Tesliuc

Pension Diagnostic Assessment and Conceptual Framework by Mark Dorfman

Tuesday, April 26

What are Social Safety Nets, What Do They Achieve and At What Cost? by Harold Alderman

SSN Interventions: Overview of Cash Transfers by Margaret Grosh

SSN Interventions: Public Works by Carlo Del Ninno

Key Considerations in Addressing Fragmentation by Ruslan Yemtsov

Wednesday, April 27

Conditional Cash Transfers by Margaret Grosh

SSN Delivery Systems and the Dual Challenges of Scaling Up & Integration by Kathy Lindert (watch the video)

Key Concepts and Practice of Targeting by Phillippe Leite and Emil Tesliuc

Targeting Assessment of SSN Program by Phillippe Leite

Thursday, April 28

Social Registry Information Systems for Social Assistance (and Beyond): Framework, Definition, Typology and Trajectories by Phillippe Leite (watch the video)

Case Management in SSN Programs and Social Services by Veronica Silva Villalobos

Nutrition-sensitive Social Protection Programs: How Can They Help Accelerate Progress in Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition? by Harold Alderman (watch the video)

Friday, April 29

Overview of Payment Systems for SSN by Carlo Del Ninno

Social Protection Payment Tools by Laura Rawlings

Digital Social Payments and Financial Inclusion by Silvia Baur

Controlling Error, Fraud and Corruption by Emil Tesliuc (watch the video)

ASPIRE: Mapping and Assessing Performance of Social Safety Nets as part of Social Protection and Labor Systems by Maddalena Honorati

Using ASPIRE to Benchmark SSN performance by Ruslan Yemtsov, Maddalena Honorati and Claudia Rodriguez Alas

How to Use ADePT by Ruslan Yemtsov and Claudia Rodriguez Alas

Monday, May 2

What do We Know About the Impacts of SSN? How to Evaluate SSN? by Laura Rawlings (watch the video)

Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessment (ISPA) tools in practice by Luz Rodriguez

ADEPT Exemples for Social Protection Analysis by Claudia Rodriguez Alas

Mainstreaming Programs and Services for Disabled in SSNs by Anush Bezhanyan, Karen Peffley and Charlotte McClain Nhlapo


Tuesday, May 3

Communication and Outreach in Social Protection by Kathy Lindert

Communication and Outreach in Social Protection by Mohamad Al-Arief

Ten Simple Things that Can Boost Women' and Girls' Outcomes in SSN Projects by Carine Clert (watch the video)

Institutions and Governance in SSNs by Yasuhiko Matsuda and Sara Giannozzi (watch the video)


Wednesday, May 4

Labor Market Policies and Programs for Productive Inclusion by Roberta Gatti (watch the video)

Setting the Graduation Targets by Maniza Naqui

Money to the People by Marcelo Giugale (watch the video)

Country Case: Experience of Egypt in Coordinating Social Protection Reform by Ashraf Al-Araby (watch the video)

Egypt: From Social Protection to Promotion and Transformation by Khaled Hanafy

Food Subsidy System in Egypt by Nivine El-Kabbag


Thursday, May 5

Group Presentations

Shock Responsive Safety Net Programs: Building Flexible Systems in Good Times to Respond In Crisis

Countries Building Unified SRIS: Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Zimbabwe

Alternative Payment Mechanisms as A Way to Reduce Error, Fraud and Corruption

SSN for Human Development - Lessons from India (Health), Niger (Nutrition) and Madagascar (Education)

Weaving the Safety Nets: Choice of Appropriate Balance Between SSN Instruments

Social Assistance for Vulnerable Groups in China

Gender Sensitive Social Safety Nets for Empowerment

2nd Generation Social Safety Nets: Cash 'Plus'

Improving Coordination Within and Among (Implementing) Ministries and Agencies

Improving Coordination of Donors, NGOs and Country Financed SSN Programmes: Kenya Case Study


Friday, May 6

SSN in the Context of Urbanization: What Do We Know, What We Don't, What We Should by Ugo Gentilini and Sumila Gulyani

Adaptive Social Safety Nets by Ugo Gentilini

Social Safety Nets Adaptive to Natural Disasters by Hideki Mori

For Protection and Promotion: The Design and Implementation of Effective Social Safety Nets by Giuseppe Zampaglione