Pensions Core Course 2016
April 25-May 06, 2016Washington, D.C.

The two-week core course builds on the latest developments in pension to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the development of pension and social security programs and linkages to social protection and labor systems. A variety of learning methods were used, including presentations, round table discussions, simulation games, hands-on computer assisted exercises and group work.

This two-week "core course" aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the design and implementation of pension and social security programs and linkages to social protection systems.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about, present and discuss challenging issues concerning pensions and social security in their own country, and work toward solutions with other participants and experts. The course will be held concurrently with a similar core course on Social Safety Nets.

The course is taught by experts from the World Bank and other agencies and uses a mix of learning methods, including presentations, hands-on exercises and group projects. It includes:

  • Instructional presentations on the key approaches to the design and reform of public and private pension systems and institutional development challenges;
  • Presentations and applied cases using a diagnostic methodology and modeling techniques;
  • Presentations from select case studies illustrating the challenges and lessons learned from different reform measures employed;
  • Informal learning exchanges in which participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences with pension reform challenges and reform approaches; and
  • Hands-on participatory workshop sessions in which course participants will work in groups to design reform programs for select country cases which apply the course content.



Please see Pensions Core Course 2015 page for the agenda and presentation.

Monday, April 25

The World Bank's Conceptual Framework and Engagement in Social Protection and Labor by Laura Rawlings (watch the video)

Global Trends and Challenges in Social Protection and Labor by Robert Palacios (watch the video)

Analytical Techniques and Considerations for Evaluating Performance of SPL Programs, Poverty/Vulnerability Assessments by Ruslan Yemtsov

Country Engagement and Story of SP Evolution by Maniza Naqvi

Romania: Technical Assistance on Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion 2014-2016 by Emil Tesliuc

Draft National Strategy on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction (2015-2020) by Emil Tesliuc

Pension Diagnostic Assessment and Conceptual Framework by Mark Dorfman


Tuesday, April 26

Social Pensions from a Social Assistance Perspective by Margaret Grosh

Social Pensions - A Pension Policy Perspective by Robert Palacios

Public Mandatory Contributory Defined-Benefit and Defined Contribution schemes by Edward Whitehouse 

Voluntary Retirement Savings: Motivations, Incentives and Design by Richard Hinz

Civil-service Pension Schemes by Edward Whitehouse

Illinois Pension Case Study by Mark Dorfman


Wednesday, April 27

Assessing Poverty to Inform Pension, Social Safety Net and Labor Policies: ADePTPoverty & Inequality by Ruslan Yemtsov

How to Use ADePT-Social Protection by Claudia Rodriguez

How to Use ADePT for Social Protection Analysis by Claudia Rodriguez

ASPIRE: The Atlas of Social Protection and Labor indicators by Maddalena Honorati

Challenges of Pension Reform in Transition Countries: Europe and Central Asia by Anita Schwarz

Pension Patterns and Challenges in Sub-Saharan by Mark Dorfman


Thursday, April 28

The Role of Unique Identification in Pensions and Social Protection by Robert Palacios (watch the video)

Social Insurance: Operations Management - Prudence and Best Practices by Oleksiy Sluchynsky

Spot Exercise - Parametric Reform Options in OECD countries by Edward Whitehouse


Friday, April 29

PROST - Pension Reform Options Simulation Toolkit by Tatyana Bogomolova

PROST Application in Tanzania: Impact of Reform on NSSF by Tatyana Bogomolova


Monday, May 2

Pension Regulation and Supervision by Richard Hinz 

Key Principles of Pension Regulation and Supervision: Insights From The Chilean Experience by Solange Berstein (watch the video)

Practitioner's Experience with Public Pension Reform by Ernesto Brodersohn

Conclusion of PROST Exercise by Mark Dorfman


Tuesday, May 3

The Old-Age Preparedness Index by Richard Jackson (watch the video)

The Fiscal Dimensions of Aging Societies by Benedict Clements (watch the video)

Pensions and Aging: Lessons from Europe and Central Asia by Anita Schwarz

Live Long and Prosper: Ageing in East Asia and Pacific by Robert Palacios

The Challenge of Pension Systems in LAC: What's Next for Reforms? by Mariano Bosch

Voluntary Savings: Options for Emerging Economies by Heinz Rudolph


Wednesday, May 4

Pension Policy Reversals of Funded Schemes by Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak (watch the video)

Enabling Conditions for Funded Pension Schemes by Csaba Feher

Considerations for strengthening Old Age Income Protection in Chile: Challenges that Remain After the 2008 Reform by Solange Berstein


Thursday, May 5

Framework for Pension Investment Management by Sudhir Rajkumar (watch the video)

Key Investment Management Considerations for Public Pension Funds in Developing Countries by Arun Muralidhar

Options for Achieving Diversification in Thin and Weakly Regulated Markets by Fiona Stewart

Options for Achieving Diversification in Thin and Weakly Regulated Markets by Dmitry Pevzner


Friday, May 6

Civil Service Pension Reform: The Experience of the US Thrift Savings Plan by Greg Long

Group Presentations

Reformation of Pension System in Russian Federation


Argentina "ANSES"

Social Protection and Pension Scheme in Ethiopia


Pension Program and Old Age Benefit System in Indonesia

Malawi: Pensions for the Future

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