Economic Opportunity, Violence, and Crime
March 3, 2016Washington, DC | World Bank J Building | J1-050

"Economic Opportunity, Violence, and Crime” is a joint DIME/LCRCE session which will feature impact evaluation research examining the complementary role of soft skills and personality traits – in conjunction with vocational/technical training – in improving the labor market and related life-outcomes of at-risk youth in high-violence contexts. The session will focus on case studies of completed and ongoing work in Africa, the U.S., and Central America. This interdisciplinary discussion will present perspectives from criminology, economics, and psychology. It will explore the current state of evidence, promising policy interventions, and opportunities to spearhead this agenda in the context of WBG assisted operations. 


Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016

List of Speakers:

Chair/Moderator: Maninder Gill,  Director, GSURR, The World Bank


Mary C. Hallward-Driemeier, Senior Principal Specialist, Jobs CSSA, The World Bank

Alys Willman, Senior Violence Prevention Specialist, FCV CSSA, The World Bank


Sara Heller, Assistant Professor of Criminology, University of Pennsylvania

Laura Murray, Assistant Professor, Department of International Health, Center for Refugee and Disaster Response, John Hopkins University

Julain C. Jamison, Senior Economist, Global Insights Initiative (GINI), The World Bank

Laura Chioda, Senior Economist, LCRCE, The World Bank

Marcus Holmlund, Economist, DECIE, The World Bank

Eric Mvukiyehe, Economist, DECIE, The World Bank

Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016

Event Details
  • Location: J1-050 World Bank, Washington, DC