Supporting Primary Healthcare Facilities in Egypt's Poorest 1,000 Villages
October 20-21, 2015Cairo. Egypt

This workshop brings together technical specialists and key stakeholders to ensure common understanding of the goals, key concepts and responsibilities for the project, and to agree on the implementation and actions plans in the coming months.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Project (HQIP) aims to assist primary healthcare facilities in Egypt’s poorest 1,000 villages in meeting national healthcare quality standards by improving the quality of service delivery through accreditation and enhanced operations and maintenance of publicly owned primary healthcare facilities in targeted areas.

The project supports Egypt’s vision to achieve universal health coverage for an essential package of health services by 2030, and takes the first steps in a multi-year program to help provide Egyptians with access to more equitable, affordable, quality healthcare.

The project consists of two components: (i) Family Healthcare Quality Improvement Program (US$70 million),which aims to support implementation of the quality improvement and maintenance plans that will enhance the quality of service provision and system responsiveness of family healthcare facilities (family health centers and family health care units), and (ii) Implementation Support (US$5 million) that will finance the cost of technical assistance, external financial audits, external independent quality audits and project management.