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SOE Conference: Ankara, 2014
Corporate Governance Practices in State-Owned Enterprises
June 10, 2014Ankara, Turkey

This conference brought together over 200 participants, including officials from the Treasury and Ministry of Energy, and representatives of Turkish state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in order to discuss a wide range of issues pertaining to SOE governance reform in the country.

On Jun 10, 2014, representatives of a number of public sector agencies and state-owned enterprises in Turkey gathered at the Conference on Corporate Governance Practices in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), an event jointly organized by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and the World Bank in Ankara. 

In the opening remarks, Mr. İbrahim Çanakci, Undersecretary of Treasury, called for reforms in the area of state-owned enterprise governance, while Sunita Kikeri, Program Manager for Corporate Governance at the World Bank, presented global trends in SOE governance. Representatives from the public sector in Turkey, along with representatives from SOEs in the energy, transport, and agriculture sectors, had the opportunity to hear about the current status and challenges posed by the legal and institutional framework for SOEs in the country.

The event featured a number of distinguished guests and speakers from a variety of countries, including Finland, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and Pakistan whom all shared good practices and lessons learned in the sphere of SOE governance.


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    In his introductory remarks, Mr. İbrahim Çanakci, Undersecretary of Treasury, highlighted the need for SOE reform.
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    Martin Raiser, Country Director for Turkey, speaks at the event.
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    Institute of Corporate Governance Director Fuad Azim Hashimi talked about the Governance Reforms in Pakistan.
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    Participants had an opportunity to exchange experience and discuss good practices in the area of SOE reform.