Climate change
Second Central Asia Climate Knowledge Forum: Moving Towards Regional Climate Resilience
May 13-15, 2014Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Second Central Asia Climate Knowledge Forum with the theme of Moving Towards Regional Climate Resilience will be held from May 13-15, 2014. The inaugural Central Asia Climate Knowledge Forum took place in June 2013, and participants recommended that the forum be organized as an annual event to support learning and action towards developing climate resilience at national and regional levels across multiple sectors of the economy. This annual event has become a platform for collaboration among Central Asian countries.

The second forum  will bring together policy-makers and practitioners from Central Asian governments (Ministries of Environment, Economy, and Finance), external experts, national and regional learning institutions, universities, civil society organizations, development partners, organizations as well as other stakeholders interested in climate resilient development. About 100 participants are expected to attend the Forum.

The event will include a high-level roundtable – National and Regional Climate Resilience Program Design for Central Asia – among policy makers from Central Asian countries and development partners.

The first two days of the forum will consist of technical discussions combining regional and international experiences in climate-smart development, integrated water resource management, and disaster-risk management.  The last day will consist of the high-level discussion mentioned above that aims at a concerted, systematic and integrated landscape approach at the national as well as regional scales.  Such an approach will help improve the effectiveness of the response in each country, also by maximizing synergies across sectors and countries. The concept for such a program is being prepared by a Technical Working Group (TWG), formed by cross-sectoral specialists, nominated by governments from all the countries in the region. This concept will be discussed during a ‘Pre-Forum’ day among TWG and other Central Asia national stakeholders. A ‘Post-Forum’ day focusing on technical training will be provided for interested participants.

Specifically, the Forum aims to:

  • Review and further develop a Climate Resilience Program currently being prepared by the TWG;
  • Raise awareness on the science of climate change and implications for disaster-risk management and climate –smart planning under a landscape approach
  • Foster knowledge and experience sharing in the region and with other parts of the world
  • Convene learning sessions and offer practical training on how to formulate and effectively prepare and implement a regional program for climate resilience.

Target Audience:

  • Central Asia national government representatives, policy makers and practitioners in key cross-sectoral and line ministries and TWG
  • National and regional universities and research centers, civil society organizations
  • International experts
  • Development partners’ representatives

Expected Outcomes:

  • Concept for a Climate Resilience Program further developed, integrating feedback from Central Asian countries as well as development partners
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of climate risks and possible options for climate-smart action at both national and regional scales.

For more details please contact the following persons in your respective country:

Kazakhstan - Talimjan Urazov,;

Kyrgyz Republic - Tolkun Jukusheva,;

Tajikistan - Farzona Mukhitdinova,;

Turkmenistan - Serdar Jepbarov,;

Uzbekistan - Iskander Buranov,

Forum agenda (PDF, 631 KB)