Peer Group Dialogue (PG2) - Global Financial Crisis and Domestic Debt Markets: Lessons from the Past, Measures for the Future
January 17, 2012Washington, D.C.

Debt managers from Costa Rica, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay discussed latest developments in the global financial landscape emanating from the European debt crisis and how it may be affecting debt markets in emerging market economies and their countries, in particular. The debt managers also discussed how prepared they are today for potential crisis implications on their debt strategy and borrowing requirements and what measures they are expecting to take to mitigate these impacts.

Peer Group 2: 6th Meeting

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This meeting was part of a peer group dialogue series from the Global Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Program (Gemloc) Advisory Services, a World Bank Group initiative that supports emerging market economies in developing their local currency bond markets.

Note: Gemloc-affiliated countries and activities have been incorporated into the Government Bond Market Development Program, an initiative that supports the development of local currency bond markets to increase developing countries’ attractiveness for domestic and foreign investment.