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Interactive August 1, 2019

Afghanistan: District Dashboard

The district-level visualization includes 53 indicators across 401 districts. In addition, the province-level time-series visualization provides comparable trends of socio-economic indicators for 34 provinces between 2007 and 2016.

The Afghanistan Interactive District-level visualization allows you to explore and visualize socio-economic, geographic, and economic indicators in six different types of visualization across 401 districts in Afghanistan, circa 2016. The tool provides users an easy way to access different types of indicators including population, geography, accessibility, and conflict. These visualizations were constructed by combining publicly available and proprietary sources, including geospatial data sources such as OpenStreetMap and NASA; as well as data on conflict from Uppsala University and UNAMA.

The values of the indicators are World Bank staff estimates based on public and private data sources. Government estimates were replicated to the best of our abilities wherever possible. However, differing definitions and assumptions might have resulted in slight discrepancies. For official government estimates, please refer to the National Statistics and Information Authority’s webpage: