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Reimbursable Advisory Services in Romania

February 13, 2020

Reimbursable Advisory Services (RAS) are customized advisory services offered by the World Bank to its members, both borrowing and graduate. RAS are requested and paid by the client using their own or third-party resources. Like other advisory and analytic services, RAS supports clients to design or implement better policies, strengthen institutions, build capacity, inform development strategies or operations, and contribute to the global development agenda.

Examples of advisory and analytic services: (a) economic and sector work, (b) technical assistance, (c) impact evaluation studies, (d) research services, (e) external training, and (f) workshops and conferences. Through the application of the appropriate safeguards and risk management, the World Bank may provide technical assistance for project-related preparation and implementation support services – except for advice directly related to engineering or final design.

Types of Clients: (a) governments and government institutions of member countries, including  “graduates” ; (b) subnational governments; (c) state-owned enterprises; (d) non-governmental organizations and other not-for-profit organizations (such as chambers of commerce); (e) multilateral institutions, including development banks and regional organizations. The Bank does not provide RAS to commercial entities.

Costs: The costs of RAS vary from one agreement to another and are calculated using the World Bank’s standard pricing methodology that ensures the recovery of all direct and other related costs (i.e. salary and associated benefits, travel, and subsistence, support services, translation etc.) with a zero-profit margin in line with the World Bank’s mandate.

Evolution of the RAS Portfolio in Romania

At the request of the government, the World Bank launched its first RAS in Romania in 2010 to help tackle its main challenges of removing structural obstacles to the economy and ensuring that the benefits of prosperity reach all citizens - particularly the poor and vulnerable. The RAS program started with functional reviews (FR), which set the stage for Romania’s structural reform program by highlighting major challenges to improve both the central and local public administration and meet EU standards and norms.

From 2011-2015, the Bank supported the Government in implementing selected actions derived from the FR and helped advance preparations for the 2014-20 programming period under its first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). By the end of 2015, the World Bank had delivered over 40 advisory services in Romania and worked with almost 20 public institutions -covering education, social inclusion and poverty reduction, regional development, public administration improvements (including the prioritization of public investments), strategic planning and service delivery, climate change, and the digital agenda. (see infographic)

In January 2016, a second MoU was signed with the government to continue its partnership on modernizing the country's public administration and supporting structural reform. The ongoing RAS portfolio supports the implementation of strategies in priority sectors and improvements in key public administration functions.






Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research for Capacity Development for Monitoring and Evaluating the Implementation of Education Strategies


Informed Decision Making on Investments in Infrastructure
  Technical Assistance to Enhance Quality Assurance in the Higher Education System in Romania


Support to the Establishment of a Strategy Unit


Support to the Implementation of the Public Procurement Strategy

  Supporting the Implementation of Romania's Human Development Operational Programme (POCU) 2014-2020 


Strengthening Planning and Budgeting Capacity


Establishment of a Framework for the Use of Derivatives and the Execution of Swap Transactions in Romania


Development of Plans for the De-institutionalization of Children Deprived of Parental Care and Their Transfer to Community Based Care

SOCIAL, URBAN, RURAL & RESILIENCE Constanta Urban Development RAS Program


Development of the Capacity of the Central Public Administration to Carry out Impact Studies




Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for Strengthening the Agri-food Sector Strategy – Formulation



Developing an Integrated Financial Management System at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 



Implementation of an Internal Management System at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and its Subordinated Structures



Strategic Planning for the Agricultural Administration

Blog: What does it take to modernize government administration? Lessons from Romania


Development of Administrative Capacity of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

Brochure: Study on the Organizational Culture in the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

Brochure: Management Instruments - Regulations for Organization and Functioning (ROF) and Job Descriptions within the Ministry of Education and Scienfic Research

  Enhancing the Capacity of the Roma Education Fund Romania to implement the Ready Set Go project in Romania

Project Documents

Video: Pe locuri, fiti gata, start!


Preparing a Strategic Framework for Increasing Tertiary Education Attainment, Quality and Efficiency

Brochure: National Strategy for Tertiary Education in Romania


Preparing a Strategic Framework for Lifelong Learning

Brochure: The National Strategy for Lifelong Learning


Reducing Early School Leaving

Project Documents

Brochure: Strategy to Reduce Early School Leaving


Climate Change and Low Carbon Green Growth Program

Project Documents

Blog: New bike lanes and metro stations in Bucharest paid for by carbon credits

Video Animation: What is Climate Change? Mitigation and adaptation in Romania


A Better Solution for Providing Clarifications, Interpretations and Rulings on Tax Issues

Project Documents


Analysis of Capacity Building Activities in the Public Administration



Assistance to the Romanian Competition Council

Project Documents

Article: Transforming Romania’s competition architecture to make markets work


Assistance to the Ministry of Justice to Assess the Performance of the Judicial System

Project Documents


Enhancement of Risk Based Systems of the Sectoral Operational Program for Human Resources Development



Establishment of a Performance Appraisal System for Government Officials Managing European Union Funds



Fee Based Services Center of Government

Project Documents


Fee Based Services Functional Reviews Cross-Cutting Issues



Center of Government Policy Planning and Coordination



Improvement of Human Resource Management instruments and Mechanism in order to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance



Improving the National Framework for Preparing and Implementing Public Investments Projects



Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Fiscal Policy Formulation

Project Documents


Strengthening Public Investment Management



Ploiesti Growth Pole

Project Documents



Providing Support to the Establishment of a Delivery Unit

Project Documents

Blog: The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in Romania is saving taxpayers their time

Blog: Lessons from the taxi industry to improve Romania’s governance


Upgrade Growth Poles Strategic Planning and Economic Impact

Project Documents


Assistance to the Ministry of Public Finance for Strengthening Debt Management

Video Interview: Stefan Nanu


Prepare and Manage Public Private Partnerships

Project Documents


Preparation of a Draft National Strategy Regarding Elderly and Active Ageing


  Assistance to the Ministry of European Funds to Inform Project Evaluation regarding Marginalized Community Analyses Project Documents


Provision of Inputs for the Preparing of a Draft National Strategy and Action Plan on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction

Project Documents

Animated Video: Integration of Marginalized Communities - a Gain for All


Study on Diagnostics and Policy Advice for Supporting Roma Integration in Romania

Project Documents


Assessment of the Communication and Collaboration Between Mas and Intermediate Bodies Of The (ROP) and Facilitation of Proactive and Direct Support for Beneficiaries

Project Documents


Danube Delta Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy

Project Documents


Elaboration of Integration Strategies for Poor Areas and Disadvantaged Communities

Project Documents

Animated Video: Integration of Marginalized Communities - a Gain for All



Enhanced Spatial Planning as a Precondition for Urban Development

Project Documents

Slideshow: Romanian Regional Development Program-Enhanced Spatial Planning Report


Harmonizing State and EU Funded Projects in Regions

Project Documents

Blog: Turning Romania’s secondary cities into engines of growth

Blog: Metropolitan development is central to Romania’s economic development

Blog: How can Romania’s cities strengthen implementation capacity for greater development impact?

Animated Video: Economic Growth in Romania - Using people for the core

Animated Video: Market Forces - Shaping Development in Romania

Animated Video: Competitive Cities - Engine of Romania's Economic Development


Real Estate - Basis for National and EU Policies

Project Documents


Support for the Institutional Capacity Development of ADI Integrated Territorial Investment Danube Delta



Technical Assistance for the Identification of Project Selection Models



Strengthen Strategic Planning in the Transport Sector



Support to the Implementation of the National Strategy for Digital Agenda

Blog: What will it take for Romania to fully reap the dividends of digital transformation?


Competitiveness Enhancement and Smart Specialization Policies in the West Region



Strengthening the Regulatory Impact Assessment Framework in Romania

Animated Video: Regulatory Impact Analysis