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BRIEF April 19, 2022

Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP): supporting sustainable management of Pacific fisheries


For more updated information on the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP), read the story: Toward a More Prosperous and Sustainable Pacific Ocean


Did you know that if you could put all of Earth's landmasses together, the Pacific Ocean would still be bigger?

Now, more than ever before, the Pacific Ocean’s health is at great risk due to pollution, over-fishing and climate change.

Through the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP), the World Bank is working closely with Pacific governments, regional organizations and communities to help countries improve their sustainable management of ocean fisheries, coastal fisheries and to strengthen institutions responsible for conservation.

PROP aims to improve ocean management across the Pacific, through:

  • More sustainable fishing practices;
  • Better surveillance of Pacific Exclusive Economic Zones;
  • Better enforcement of fishing regulations;
  • Improved access to regional and international markets;

Country insights


Through PROP, the Government of Kiribati is improving working conditions for ocean fisheries observers, and is tackling inshore fisheries issues. Meet Fisheries Enforcement officer, Maaria Henry, whose passion for the ocean is what sustains her in the work she does for her communities. 

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands Government has been implementing its Reimaanlok Framework with support from the World Bank. Meaning ‘Look to the future’,  the Framework takes traditional knowledge and strengthens it with rigorous scientific studies of the local environment, ensuring Marshallese communities can take the lead in  the sustainable management of their ocean resources


When COVID-19 stopped tourists arriving in Tonga, business for local mabé pearl vendors plummeted. Through support from the World Bank under PROP, the Tongan Ministry of Fisheries was able to create new markets in Hawai’i in efforts to support Tonga’s pearl industry.