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From Aspirations to Occupations: The Role of Information in Educational and Labor Market Decisions in Moldova


For the first time in Moldova, this report addresses how students make decisions, what information they use and who they consult, as well as what career guidance they find useful

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The publication sheds light on information sources and on gaps in educational and occupational choices in Moldova by presenting findings based on original data collected in 2015.

To support the government in reinforcing Moldova’s career guidance and information systems for education and jobs, individual interviews and focus group discussions were conducted during the 2015 school year with secondary and tertiary students, graduates, parents, and teachers.

The report highlights how career guidance involves numerous actors well beyond the education system by examining the sources of information used by students, also by reviewing extensively the international experience.

" With an aging population and high emigration, every Moldovan worker counts. Informing young people about labor market opportunities is a low-cost way of getting Moldovans into more productive jobs. "
Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

World Bank Country Manager for Moldova

The report is organized as follows:

Skills matching hindered by gaps in career guidance and labor market information is discussed in the first chapter of the publication. 

Section two describes the methodology of the study, with an overview of what factors into educational and occupational choices and the data used to assess the role of information in Moldova.

Part three presents the main findings from both quantitative and qualitative data.

The policy implications of the findings are discussed in the section four. It also presents examples of systematic educational information and career guidance from other countries that could be useful in designing reforms in Moldova.