India States Briefs – Bihar

May 30, 2016

Bihar has emerged as one of the fastest growing `low-income states’ in recent years. Consumption inequality did not rise in the period of higher growth. Despite these positive trends, the state continues to face very high levels of poverty. Read Bihar - Poverty, Growth and Inequality brief.

A large majority of Bihar’s workforce is still on the farm. While the new jobs in the state are being created in the non-farm sector, they tend to be for casual wages and mostly employ men. Read Bihar – Jobs brief.

On non-monetary indicators of well-being, Bihar has seen mixed progress. While the state has much ground to cover in health, nutrition and sanitation, it has made significant strides in schooling for the young.  Read Bihar - Health and Education brief.

Progress has been uneven across certain groups in Bihar. The Scheduled Castes lag behind other social groups in poverty reduction, schooling, jobs and access to basic amenities. Read Bihar - Social Inclusion brief.

Bihar's performance in closing gender gaps is mixed. While schooling for young girls and maternal health have improved in Bihar, female labor force participation in the state is the lowest in the country. Read Bihar – Gender brief.

For a quick snapshot of trends over time across all major thematic areas, refer to Bihar - Indicators at a Glance brief. Readers who are keen to further understand all the indicators selected for this exposition may refer to the Technical Appendix.

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