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NEWS October 16, 2018

World Bank Group Issues First Joint Sanctions System Annual Report


On October 3, 2018, the World Bank Group (WBG) published the first joint Sanctions System Annual Report (FY18) addressing the institution's significant efforts to investigate and adjudicate allegations of fraud and corruption in World Bank Group projects. This inaugural report is the result of efforts by the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), the Office of Suspension and Debarment (OSD), and the Sanctions Board. According to the report, the Bank Group debarred 78 firms and individuals during fiscal year 2018.

Highlights specific to the Sanctions Board include the publication of 16 fully-reasoned decisions, setting out in detail the Sanctions Board's analysis and conclusions with respect to the merits of INT's allegations, any appropriate sanctions, evidentiary and procedural disputes, and other novel legal and factual issues. Sanctions Board decisions highlighted in this report cover a range of matters, including a standalone audit obstruction allegation, and the first appeal of a successorship determination made by the World Bank. The decisions issued by the Sanctions Board have created a valuable set of precedents that deter fraud and corruption, and serve as persuasive case law that offers guidance to the international community involved in anti-corruption and sanctions.

Some noteworthy Sanctions Board statistics from FY18 include that oral hearings were convened in 60% of cases, and that outside counsel – often from top national and international law firms – were involved in 50% of the cases. In addition, out of 39 allegations of misconduct considered, the Sanctions Board found no liability with respect to 21% of the allegations. These and other statistics covered in the report demonstrate the WBG's commitment to deal firmly with inappropriate conduct in WBG-financing, and to provide a credible and fair process for investigations and decision-making.