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Switch Insurance Administrator





Action by Staff


Decide on the coverage options.


Staff accepting assignments away from Headquarters cannot switch between Option A and Option B upon movement of administration to Cigna. However, if staff are in Option C, they must choose between Option A or B as Cigna does not offer an equivalent Option C for Active Staff.

Read MIP Plan Information to help you make the choice or contact insurance administrator to inquire about availability of doctors, dentists, and facilities contact the relevant insurance administrator from:

  • Aetna for medical benefits (for staff in or outside the U.S.)
  • CVS/Caremark for pharmacy benefits (for staff in the U.S.)
  • Cigna International for medical and dental benefits (only for staff living outside the U.S.).
  • Cigna Dental (for staff in or outside the U.S. covered by Aetna)
  • EyeMed (for staff in or outside the U.S. covered by Aetna)



Complete Form F00996 Request For Movement Between Domestic and International Administrators For MIP and send it to HR Operations before the deadline and according to the instructions in the form.


For both active staff and retirees, deductible amounts and out-of-pocket limit information will transfer between Aetna and Cigna when a participant changes administrators during the calendar year.


Receive a confirmation email from HR Operations.


For retired staff, confirmation will be sent only if an email address has been provided on your request form or is available in the HR records system.

You will receive updated ID cards from your new administrator 7 to 10 business days after the effective date.

  • Aetna members receive Aetna, Cigna Dental, EyeMed Vision and CVS Caremark ID cards.
  • If you changed from Aetna to Cigna, you receive two ID cards:

1.  Cigna – to be used for access to all care - in and outside the U.S.

2.  CVS Caremark - to access the CVS Caremark prescription plan in the U.S.

  • If you changed from Cigna to Aetna, you receive Aetna ID cards, Cigna Dental and EyeMed Vision cards. Your CVS Caremark cards remain unchanged.