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Short Term Assignment - Extend


This checklist provides information on how to extend a Short Term Assignment (STA) that was initiated after January 1, 2016.

The duration of an STA is more than 90 calendar days but less than 12 months. An extension of 12 months may be granted by the releasing manager or his/her designee. However, the maximum duration of an STA is 24 months.


  • For an STA with different work locations (from HQ to CO, CO to CO, CO to HQ) initiated prior to January 1, 2016 and has not been transitioned to GMSF, the system will display an error message when the manager or designee tries to extend via myHR Self-Service.
  • Instruct your HR Business partner (HRBP) to email the GMSF Assignment Request template (access limited to HRBPs only) to HR Operations with a cc to Global Mobility, with the subject line "UPI ___, GMSF Assignment".
  • Once the STA is transitioned to GMSF STA, the manager or designee can extend the STA via myHR Self-Service following the actions below.

For details on policy, refer to paragraph 1.01 of Section I on Staff Rule 06.23. For important considerations relating to G4 visa holders, refer to Absence from the U.S.




Action by Releasing Manager


Discuss the extension details with the staff member and the receiving manager, and complete the following:

  • TOR in collaboration with the responsible HR manager or designee
  • T200011 STA/DA Memorandum of Agreement; signatures are required if all concur with the terms and conditions


It is mandatory to complete an updated STA/DA Memorandum of Agreement when extending a staff member’s STA/DA. Failure to submit an updated STA/DA memo will result in delay of STA/DA allowances disbursement.

o  For IBRD staff, work with Ruth Adhana on the updated STA/DA memo.

o  For IFC staff, work with your budget analyst or finance officer from your unit on the updated STA/DA memo.



  • Re-entry Guarantee/Next Assignment arrangements


Submit the 'Short Term Assignment – Extend’ action in myHR Self-Service.

While completing the action, upload the updated T200011 STA/DA Memorandum of Agreement and TOR.


  • A manager may delegate the preparation of an action to a drafter. However, any action prepared by a drafter requires the manager's approval.
  • Select the relevant check box and upload the new, and revised documents.
  • Submitted action will automatically go to the receiving manager for concurrence.

Action by Receiving Manager


Concur with the action or reject it.

If you concur, select the appropriate boxes in the 'Terms and Conditions' section.


Action by Staff


Concur with the action or reject it.

If you concur, select the appropriate check boxes in the 'Terms and Conditions' section.


The (Personnel Action Form) PAF is automatically generated and the uploaded documents are automatically filed in the Staff Records Management system.


Action by Releasing Manager


Concur with the action or reject it.

The approved action will be automatically sent to PeopleSoft and create a PAF.


Action by Staff


Coordinate the renewal of visa with Resource Management in the country office, if required.