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Request Employment Verification Letter



Most employment verification letters can be requested via myHR Self-Service. Electronically signed letters are now available for your ease and convenience. If you require a physical signature, you may print out the letter and present to your manager for his/her signature.

View all Employment Verification Letter Type Descriptions below.

Country office (CO) staff may request assistance from their local HR administrator (HRA) in case a necessary letter is not available. Signature of the local CO manager or CO director is required on letters prepared by CO HRAs.

The World Bank Group will provide limited employment verification to outside parties, without the pre-approval of the staff member in accordance with section 05 Release of Personnel Information to Persons Outside the Bank Group on Staff Rule 02.01.




Action by Staff


Request for an employment verification letter via myHR Self-Service. Follow these steps if the documents are not available in myHR Self-Service:

1.    Gross income verification letter as part of the loan application process
Attach one of the following letters to the signed employment verification letter when you send it to the lender:

o    Detailed explanation of net-of-income-tax pay

o    Explanation of net-of-income-tax pay, if you are not a U.S. citizen

2.    All employment verification letters for short-term consultants/short-term temporaries (STC/STT), except driver's licenses for G4 visa holders letters.

Instead of myHR Self-Service, use your consultant appointment letter to verify employment. Use Bank Group deposits and consultant payment records to verify income.

3.    Schengen visa letter for STC/STT
Write to HR to request a letter. In case you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, send an email to HR Operations.

4.    Schengen visa letter for CO staff
Send a request to your Medical Benefits Plan (MBP) administrator.

5.    Other miscellaneous employment verification letters that are not available in myHR Self-Service
Send a request to HR Operations via email, fax, or mail.

6.    Employment verification letters for mortgages should be requested by the mortgage company. The company may fax the request to HR Operations at 202-522-7027 with the staff member’s authorization signature allowing the Bank Group to release information requested by the mortgage lender. The mortgage lender may also send the request by mail to HR Operations, Bank MSN G2-202, P.O. Box 1420 Landover, MD, 20785, USA.

Normal turnaround time for employment verification requests sent to HR Operations is four working days. HR Operations will assist you only if myHR Self-Service does not work for you.


Present the letter to your manager for signature if you require a physical signature.


Action by Manager


Verify and sign a hard copy of the employment verification letter given by the staff member.

Types of Employment Verification Letters

Letter Type


Basic Employment Letter

This letter includes the staff member’s title, organization, department, duty station, appointment type, and date of appointment.

Gross Salary Letter

Basic Letter Plus Current Gross Salary
For HQ-based staff paid net per annum, this letter uses a notional gross-up formula for non-U.S. staff to use for loan applications in the U.S. financial market. U.S. staff should not use this letter for income verification. Instead, they should use Tax Allowance System documentation, copies of income tax submissions, and/or pay stubs. Also, this letter should not be used by anyone who is not paid in U.S. dollars and who is not in the HQ salary administration plan. For any terminated staff member’s net to gross salary conversation, please contact the tax office.

Net Salary Letter

Basic Letter Plus Current Net Salary
This letter may be used to certify income for a dependent’s education. Staff may also opt to use the net salary letter in visa sponsorships for relatives or friends.

Visa Letter

Basic Letter Plus Visa Status in the U.S., for example, G4, Permanent Resident
In addition to confirming the staff member’s visa status, the visa letter is used for conversion of status, driver’s license, and social security applications.

G4 Driver’s License

G4 staff, their G4 dependents, and G5 domestic employees must have a letter from the U.S. State Department to obtain a driver’s license in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.

Social Security

Staff on G4 visa and their dependents may visit a Social Security Administration (SSA) office near their residence or in the state in which they reside to obtain a social security number (SSN). If they are eligible, an SSN will be issued. If they are ineligible, a letter will be issued. Most states require an SSN or a letter stating that the SSA will not issue an SSN before issuing a driver's license for G4 visa holders.

Education Letter

This letter is used to certify the Bank Group’s portion of tuition payment for staff eligible for expatriate benefits. When requesting this letter, the staff member should provide the following: dependent’s name, name of school, city and country, and academic year.

Home Country Travel

This letter is used to certify that the Bank Group pays for home leave travel costs of staff entitled to expatriate benefits. When making this request, the staff member should provide the following: names of travelers, travel dates, and country of destination.

Tax Exemption Letter

This letter is used to certify the Federal and State tax-exempt status of all non-U.S. staff only on their Bank Group derived income. G5 visa holders are not tax-exempt.

Residency Letter

This letter is used to verify proof of a staff member’s or a dependent’s state of residency.

Mortgage Letter

This is an employment verification letter for mortgages.

Prudential Evidence of Insurance

This letter is for staff eligible for the Optional Group Term Life Insurance program to request an increase in their current level of coverage. The letter is signed by the manager and attached to the prudential medical underwriting form.

Cigna Evidence of Insurance

This letter is for staff eligible for the Optional Group Term Life Insurance program to request an increase in their current level of coverage. The letter is signed by the manager and attached to the prudential medical underwriting form.

Insurance Verification – used for Schengen visa

This letter is for HQ staff on G4 visa who need a Schengen visa. The letter confirms your health, life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage, as well as the names of any dependents you are covering under the Bank Group's Medical Insurance Plan (MIP).

Diplomatic Immunity Letter

Staff shall enjoy—in the interest of the organization—privileges, immunities, and facilities to which the organization, the officers, and employees are entitled. This will be under their respective Articles of Agreement, other applicable treaties, international agreements, or other laws. Such privileges, immunities, and facilities shall not excuse staff from the performance of their private obligations or from the due observance of the law. Having regarded the particular circumstances, the organization may decide whether, in the interest of the organization, immunity shall be waived or invoked.

Household Letter

This letter:

  • certifies the staff member’s employment status.
  • lists the dependents currently registered in the Bank Group’s official records.