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Request Change of G4 Visa Status due to ESWOP/LWOP


A staff member on external service without pay (ESWOP) (except for work at a D.C. area IFI) or leave without pay (LWOP) for 31 days or more is eligible to retain his/her G4 visa but cannot use it for non-World Bank travel or for continued residency in the U.S. State Department registration. Consequently, the staff member’s G4 and G5 dependents also become ineligible for World Bank Group sponsored visas and residency within the U.S. Impacted staff and dependents must depart the U.S. within 30 days of the start of ESWOP/LWOP.

A staff member on ESWOP, who remains in the U.S. and intends to work for another international organization (examples include the United Nations, Inter-American Development Bank, PAHO, IMF, etc.), must request a change of G4 visa status with the receiving organization.

The Bank Group may submit a request to the U.S. State Department to unregister a staff member who goes on ESWOP with another international organization within the U.S. on a case-by-case basis. Deregistration with the U.S. State Department may terminate any G4 visa privileges that the staff member may currently enjoy. This allows the ESWOP employer to register the staff and any G4 dependents with the State Department. The receiving employer effectively becomes responsible for all G4 visa related transactions (such as renewals, State Department driver’s license letters, etc.) during the ESWOP period.

Staff approved for LWOP/ESWOP are NOT eligible for employment with non-international organizations within the U.S. Therefore, the Bank Group cannot unregister G4 visa holding staff with the State Department so that such staff may obtain an H1B visa or any other type of work visa while on LWOP/ESWOP. In case an H1B (or other non-immigrant) visa is issued, there may be adverse impact on the staff member’s ability to obtain U.S. Permanent Residency under the Special Immigrant Status provision.


Staff are advised that the U.S. State Department is tightening its visa controls. Therefore, the Bank Group may not be able to assist staff members in the event of difficulties with the State Department or immigration authorities arising from requesting a non-G4 visa while still registered with the Bank Group on LWOP/ESWOP.




Action by Staff


Contact HR Operations to report ESWOP at another G4 visa sponsoring organization.


Action by HR


Send the required information to the U.S. State Department.


Send a confirmation email to the staff member when the process is complete.


The U.S. allows a 30-day grace period after completion of HQ service for G4 visa holders to leave the U.S. or change to G4 visa sponsored by another international organization.