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Report Life Event - Child Under 25 No Longer Meets Eligibility for Dependency Allowance

This checklist outlines the steps to report a child under 25 who no longer meets eligibility for dependency allowance.




Action by Staff


Report the 'Child Leaves Household' event through myHR Self-Service when the child under 25 no longer meets eligibility for dependency allowance.


HR automatically ends Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) coverage for dependent children on the last day of the month of the child's 26th birthday. Special provisions may apply if the child is handicapped on reaching the age of 25. Send an email to HR Operations several weeks before your child's 25th birthday to obtain the appropriate underwriting forms, which need to be completed by your child's physician. If approved, MIP and dependency allowance will continue.


Action by HR


Review the myHR Self-Service submission.


Send email notification to staff.


Additional Information


Dependency allowance will cease.


If applicable (Example: you are a U.S. citizen receiving tax allowance), update your Form 70 tax allowance certificate through myHR Self-Service.


If necessary, apply for a different visa. Children aged 25 and above, and children ending dependency eligibility—as defined by Staff Rule 06.02 Dependency (Tax Equivalency) Allowances—are considered for a G1/G4 dependent visa by the State Department/U.S. Consulate on a case-by-case basis if they are unmarried and still fully dependent on the G4 principal. However, if they do not satisfy the U.S. Government criteria to obtain a G1/G4 dependent visa, they must obtain an alternate visa in order to remain in the U.S. There is no formal limit on how many times the State Department will renew a dependent G1/G4 visa for a child 25 and older. However, renewals are for one year at the most, and the State Department requires verification of dependency with each renewal request.


If child does not obtain a new visa, s/he will have a 60-day grace period to leave the U.S. and cannot re-enter the U.S. again on the G1/G4 visa.

If you are reporting child leaves household because of child getting married, please note that the marriage date of the child will be the event date.

If you would like to remove your child from medical insurance, you can choose the option available in life event (child leaves household)- your child will be removed from insurance effective 1st of the following month.